Theft @ Grambling State University

From the Louisiana Legislative Auditor:

12/01/2014 – Grambling State University was hit with more than $130,000 in property theft from its football stadium and other campus buildings during the fiscal year that ended June 30, according to a report released Monday by Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera.

The management letter to university officials said the thefts included plumbing units, air conditioners and hot-water heaters from the football stadium, campus buildings and vacant housing facilities. “One maintenance employee was arrested and subsequently confessed to a portion of these thefts totaling approximately $80,000,” the state auditor said in the report.

Auditors said that good control over property “generally includes restricting access and assigning responsibility for individual property items. However, in these thefts, one or more maintenance employees, who had unrestricted access to buildings as part of their job duties, were able to remove installed fixtures and equipment.”

The report said that Grambling will likely “have to replace some of these items using public funds.”

The state auditor’s report recommended that Grambling officials consider “the cost-effectiveness of limiting key access, installing electronic card readers, installing security cameras and increasing police patrols.” It also said the university should consider “removing and securing equipment and fixtures from vacant facilities.”

Grambling officials concurred with the findings in the report and said in response they have hired an interim police chief for their campus security force and a new risk manager; revised the campus key control policy to require stiffer fines for lost keys that have to be replaced; limited key access; and reduced the number of employees with master keys.

University officials said they will also re-key all vacant buildings “to one central key” that will be kept in an office with a check-out procedure to track the key’s use. Where possible, university officials said, movable property from unused buildings will be removed and stored it in the university’s secure warehouse.

University officials’ response to the report said they hope to have “all actions. . .completed by Dec. 31, 2014.”

See here the complete audit.

11 Responses to “Theft @ Grambling State University”

  1. Vee Says:

    This is not the first time Grambling properties have been stripped of plumbing, electrical wiring, air conditioners. water heaters and other equipment. and the administration wants additional funds or will shut down a portion of the campus to get the attention of the state to add more funds to the coffers of Grambling?
    They don’t care that stuff is stolen; just call on taxpayers for more money every time.


      WHAT about James Bradford,stealing from the (GSU) alumni assocation,and u want him as your mayor,people come on.

  2. Vee Says:
    This site exposes record of past missing equipment that included computers, printers, a tractor . They “lost” 559,141 in 2008 in equipment. $2 million in missing equipment 2009; and 1.6 million in unfound equipment 2011.

  3. Vee Says:

    In one instance, auditors said GSU purchased stock valued at more than $2.6 million using money that by state law can only be spent on university facilities. In violation of state law and its own cash management policy, GSU used $2,606,899 in plant funds to purchase the stock, which was valued at $1,529,426 on June 30, 2009 — more than $1 million less than the stock’s purchase price. […] No GSU employees were fired or disciplined in the wake of the audit findings. [Are the corrupt ever fired at GSU?]

  4. The Oncologist Says:

    Grambling should be shut down. What is the reason there are two entirely seperate state universities less than 10 miles apart?
    Can a person other than black get the job of president of Grambling? How is that not racist?

  5. eyesonyou Says:

    enough is enough. Shut it down. Den of thieves. No matter who the Prez is and all the I’s gonna fix this, stealing continues and will not quit. Shut it down and be damn the vote.l

  6. Oldman. Says:

    It’s free,it’s just government money that’s all. Entitlement mentality,everybody thinks the Government owes them something for nothing.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    and nothing on j p hosp. I smell a RAT

  8. Anonymous Says:

    A very small percentage of GSU students are from Louisiana. Mostly we are paying to educate out-of-state students. Why continue that when we are having so much difficulty financing the education of our own students?

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