Recently Seen Circulating in the Ruston Area

Ticket (R)

5 Responses to “Recently Seen Circulating in the Ruston Area”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks. Now I know who NOT to vote for.

  2. NeverAgain Says:

    Sorry, Lewis, I voted for the republican…

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    (I don’t mean to steal this thread but I have made numerous calls to the offices of the City Marshal without even so much as an answering machine.)

    Mr. Hilton, you are a servant of the court.
    You have not yet left office and yet you engage in public endorsement of a candidate for judge. That is the definition of conflict of interest and is shameful conduct by a “servant” of the people. It proves to me to be the self-service of the marshal that I have suspected all along. Its an office we don’t even need and yet it hustles the taxpayer out of over hundreds of thousands annually for a job that is typically assigned to a sheriff’s department.

    Congratualtions Mr. Hilton, you have lived down to my expectations.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Mike Hilton is an elected official. Elected officials endorse other candidates for office all the time. How many elected officials have endorsed candidates in the Congressional and Senate races? No different and Marshal Hilton has the same privilege of doing so himself. I admire the stance he took in staying out of the race for his replacement when two of his deputies were running.

      Creating a fiefdom out of the Marshal’s office that was operated by one full-time marshal and one part-time employee before he took office, that’s another matter altogether. And he’s never revealed the amount of his salary during 30 years in office.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Most of the business of district court is criminal and family matters. Those are Lewis Jones’s areas of expertise. His opponent has spent most of his career in real estate law. Lewis is the only candidate who has served as a law enforcement officer and knows every facet of the criminal justice system.

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