Lincoln Parish Fire District Reviews Budgets

The Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 Board of Commissioners spent last night’s meeting reviewing budget figures for the year about to end and for 2015.

There was good news on the revenue front, as sales tax collections grew significantly due to oil and gas activity in Lincoln Parish. Those revenues are budgeted to increase $133 thousand, from $425 thousand in 2014 to $558 thousand in 2015.

However, those revenues will be eaten up by increased wages, retirement, and workmen’s compensation costs next year.

See here the budget documents.

The additional monies also allowed increases in vehicle supplies and maintenance of about $25 thousand. Most of that money will go toward replacing tires on the district’s fire trucks.

Commissioner Bart Dugdale, who chairs the Budget Committee, said that if increased sales tax collections hold up through next year, additional funding might be available.

Said Dugdale, “We may increase those budgets as sales tax revenues come in,” and the board “would increase maintenance if possible.”

Board Chair Richard Aillet agreed, saying, “If we do get extra funds, it should go to rubber.”

Aillet also expressed consternation with the parish’s Graphical Information System (GIS) department.

There have been problems with the fire district’s computer network, and its webpage, Aillet said. He said the district should be getting better service in consideration of the $20 thousand annual contribution to the GIS department.

The next board meeting is set for December 16, where the budgets will be finally adopted.

3 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Fire District Reviews Budgets”

  1. CollapseLikeDetroit Says:

    “Increased revenue” always leads to “increased budgets”.

  2. The Ocologist Says:

    Why the big increase in wages, retirement, amd Workmens’ comp? Are they hiring more people, giving big raises, or are the rates going up?
    Without the mooching ex-chief, wages should go down.
    This looks like a virulent cancer: bound to grow out of control, no matter what is cut.

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