Poll: Cassidy 59, Landrieu 38

Gravis Marketing-Human Events Poll Has Cassidy Burying Landrieu By 21

By Scott McKay

Gravis Marketing is a Republican polling firm, so when it releases a poll with a big number in favor of Bill Cassidy over Mary Landrieu you can imagine Landrieu’s camp will discount that number.

Still, when it’s Cassidy 59, Landrieu 38 and three percent undecided by all appearances we’re looking at a blowout two weeks from Saturday.

The poll was of 643 likely voters from Wednesday to Friday of last week, and the sample looks relatively typical of most polling samples we’ve seen – if a little on the Cassidy-friendly side.

Respondents were asked with what party they identify, and 44 percent said Democrat and 36 percent Republican. That might be more of a Democrat party ID than some of the others we’ve seen, but the white-to-black ratio of the sample was 69-25; that’s a bit whiter electorate than we saw in the November primary. It’s not out of the question we could see the December electorate show a 25 percent black share, but that’s probably low.

Other interesting questions in the poll: Barack Obama’s approval rating is underwater at 33-61, which fits with other polling we’ve seen, and it looks like David Vitter is the 800-pound gorilla in Louisiana politics. Vitter bombs Mitch Landrieu 54-36 in a head-to-head in the 2015 governor’s race and beats Jay Dardenne handily, 43-29, in a Republican-vs-Republican head to head contest.

But the big number is that 21-point lead for Cassidy. Coming on last week’s Magellan poll showing a 16-point lead, it’s beginning to look like this race is all over but the shouting. Of course, we know there will be plenty of that.

See here the polling data.


6 Responses to “Poll: Cassidy 59, Landrieu 38”

  1. Oldman Says:

    David Vitter for Louisiana Governor,best man for the job.I think Vitter would make a good Governor don’t you think ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good riddance been long time coming

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is time for her to ride off into the sunset, BUT it can only happen IF and only IF people vote! The turnout in the general election was very dismal at best. This time, a low turnout negates her horrible poll numbers and possibly puts her back in D.C.!

  4. Cowboy Says:

    Ebola Mary’s Democrat peers wasted no time throwing her under the bus in favor of their regressive ideology. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the red state Democrats facing reelection in the future! The regressives are all a bunch of communists!

  5. Todd Lee Greentree Says:

    Mary and Jamie down the tubes. By By

  6. online bingo sites Says:

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    Poll: Cassidy 59, Landrieu 38 | Lincoln Parish News Online

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