1-20 Board, Monroe City Council Meetings Uneventful

Yesterday’s I-20 Board meeting and Wednesday’s meeting of the Monroe City Council were as unremarkable as any we’ve ever attended.

The I-20 Board stayed in executive session for all but five minutes of the hour and a half that they met. Chairman Otis Chisley said the members had to discuss some matters of a “sensitive nature.” Attending the closed session was a staffer from Denmon Engineering.

There were no reports on the drainage master plan, or the Cooper property development, even though both projects were listed on the agenda.

Board member Johnny Bryant asked earlier in the meeting that the board receive quarterly financial updates so that the members would know how much funding was available for future projects.

Wednesday’s Monroe City Council meeting featured only one item that was of significant discussion, the annexation of about five acres into the city that is located across Hwy 165 from CenturyLink.

There was some concern that the property annexation might jeopardize the city’s fire rating, as it is located more than 1 1/2 miles from a fire station.

Fire Chief Terry Williams said there are several buildings and facilities nearby that are within the city, and that the city’s fire department had a mutual aid agreement with the Ouachita Parish Fire Department.

Said Williams, “We have an automatic aid agreement with the Ouachita fire department. We don’t see a particular problem with that piece of property.”

It was noted that the advantage of the annexation was the additional property tax revenue that it will bring in.


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