Baton Rouge Newspaper Columnist Says Landrieu Should Concede

Quin Hillyer: Mary Landrieu should cut her losses

By Quin Hillyer

When your main campaign sales pitch is based on your “clout,” and you lose the basis of that clout, then your campaign is probably a goner. For that and other reasons, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has almost no remaining path to re-election.

Pundits on both the right and left even say Landrieu should drop out, rather than trying a scorched-earth campaign that still would fall short, while damaging the Landrieu political brand. It worked in 1987-91 for Edwin Edwards, who regained the governor’s mansion just four years after not declining to contest a runoff. Landrieu has far more to offer than Edwards did — as long as she doesn’t poison the well through a nasty, probably hopeless campaign.


9 Responses to “Baton Rouge Newspaper Columnist Says Landrieu Should Concede”

  1. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    Hillyer makes a good point and I accept. But Mary is a Democrat and Democrats are irrational—it’s what makes them Democrats.

  2. Skipper Says:

    so true as with the Mayo campaign: Mayo only democrat before Mary 15,000 votes, Running with Mary app. 67,000 votes. She does make a difference with clout.

  3. Oldman Says:

    She’s stolen enough already,let’s do not give her another chance.Now if we can get rid of Obama I believe our country has a fighting chance. It’s going to be painful,a lot of people are going to be mad but we have to clean this country up for our grandkids. We are not a third world country yet,but we have got work to do.

  4. EEEEEImMelting Says:

    Piss on clout; I am tired of putting up with whatever sick politicians want to do to us, because they have clout. We the People are supposed to be above the politicians; WE have the clout.
    Run her off.

  5. Todd Lee Greentree Says:

    Mayo and Landrieu campaigns are dead. The Republican National Party will give both an enema. Private investigators will dig up more dirt on both Mayo and Landrieu. Deeper into the mud will the new campaigns adds about Mayo and Landrieu. Like good captains both will go down with their ships. By by Mayo and Landrieu.

  6. Oldman Says:

    They need a enema,they are so full of it.

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