Outside Money for Landrieu Dries Up

Democrats scrap ad buys for Mary Landrieu


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is canceling at least some of its advertising reservations for Sen. Mary Landrieu ahead of the December runoff in Louisiana.

The committee canceled buys planned from Monday through December 6 in the Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets, three sources tracking the air war told POLITICO.

With control of the Senate no longer on the line, the race becomes less important for both party committees – which each took out loans in the final weeks before Tuesday’s election.

GOP Money Flows In For Cassidy, Democrat Money Dries Up For Landrieu

By Scott McKay – The Hayride

One reason we argued yesterday that Mary Landrieu ought to retire from her race against Bill Cassidy was that she won’t have access to the big national money from the Democrats for the runoff now that control of the Senate has already passed to the GOP.

Now we see that contention was correct, as POLITICO reports Landrieu just lost a major TV buy from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which spent $4.1 million for her in the primary…

Sure, the DSCC might bring the cash back in. But if their plan was to keep or intensify the amount of air time they’d previously committed to, the chances are that none of that media would be canceled.

But while Landrieu’s air force seems like it’s shrinking, Cassidy’s is growing. If you remember Landrieu’s reference to the evil Koch Brothers in her “victory” speech on Tuesday, one reason for such a conspicuous sniping is that Freedom Partners, the Kochs’ political umbrella organization, has been running ads against her already.

There have been estimates of some $10 million in planned ad buys against Landrieu by Republican groups like the National Rifle Association, Crossroads GPS, the National Republican Senatorial Committee and a few others for the runoff, and to date we haven’t heard any plans for those to be cut or canceled.

The Democrats’ money has been cut, though.

In the primary, some $17 million was spent by outside groups on the Cassidy-Landrieu race. Of that, $10.2 million was spent attacking Cassidy and $5.3 million spent attacking Landrieu.


3 Responses to “Outside Money for Landrieu Dries Up”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately, these posts are starting to read like a form of advertisement in their own right. Disappointing.

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