Here’s the BIG, BIG News – Landrieu Comes in Second – Almost

Don’t let the TV talking heads try to spin it. Don’t let the Gannetoids in Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, and Lafayette tell you otherwise. Don’t let the Baton Rouge and New Orleans newspapers try to cover it up. Don’t let the higher ed poly sci types talk trash.

The big news tonight in Louisiana is this: Bill Cassidy came within inches of outpolling Mary Landrieu.

11:10 PM – Edited to add “almost.” It wasn’t supposed to be nearly this close.

11 Responses to “Here’s the BIG, BIG News – Landrieu Comes in Second – Almost”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Right now that is not correct. Mary is running number one but there are a few more places to report.

  2. TooLateNow Says:

    She is beat in the runoff. It will truly be a runoff: run her off.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Since the Republicans already have a locked majority, it may be in Louisiana’s best interest to keep Landrieu. She can’t further Obama’s agenda anymore but if she is reelected, she will be the 19th most senior Senator in the nation as well as Chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. If she is defeated, Cassidy will be at the bottom of the seniority list, with our other Senator Vitter currently 42 (remember he will vacate his seat when he becomes our next Governor, so we will get a new Senator at that point who will be at the bottom of the seniority ranking). Despite personal feelings, this is information to be considered in making an wise and unemotional decision in the runoff.

    • Bill Says:

      Indeed, something to think about. You make a good point.

    • ShowMeResults Says:

      Given Republican control of the Senate she won’t be Madam Chairman much longer. Assuming she wins the runoff, Landrieu could claim the “Ranking Member” title unless Reid replaced her on the committee – which he could as Minority Leader. If we honestly consider what she’s actually done for the general citizens of the whole state (i.e. not her greedy supporters in BR and NOLA) in the last few years, it’s difficult to justify sending her back to Congress to resume her Royalty. When do average La. citizens hear or see Mary Landrieu EXCEPT at election time? No politician is clean, but Landrieu’s voting record stinks. Let’s kick her out and take our chances with Cassidy. And, think about it, with a Republican controlled Senate, Vitter may not even run for governor. Who knows?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The problem with that logic is that when then Republicans take over she will be a has been and not chairman of anything. She just needs to be gone.

  4. Bill Says:

    According to the results posted by the Secretary of State’s office, with 100% of the votes counted, Landrieu = 618,840; Cassidy = 602439. It looks like a no win situation for her though in the runoff. Doubt if many Maness votes would go her way.

  5. DetroitCity Says:

    Funny how seniority seems to help the Senator in question a lot more then the people they supposedly represent.
    Run her off.

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