City of Ruston to Buy Downtown Property

Ruston’s Board of Aldermen last night approved a resolution to buy about 0.65 acres of property for a public parking lot. The land, owned by Sexton Enterprises, is at 93 East Railroad Avenue, and is across the KCS Railroad from another city parking lot adjacent to Park Avenue. It had appraised for about $191 thousand, according to City Administrator Ed Pittman.

See here the resolution.

The council approved a professional services agreement with Hunt, Guillot & Associates to design pedestrian sidewalk crossings of the KCS RR at Trenton, Vienna, and Monroe Streets. Along with the enhanced parking, the sidewalks would permit better pedestrian access to downtown, it was said.

Finally, the council approved several budget amendments for the 2013-2014 budget year.

See here the list.


One Response to “City of Ruston to Buy Downtown Property”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    if we would quit giving these morons all our money they would realize there are enough parking spaces downtown without spending millions on a 1/2 acre lot.

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