Ruston Mayoral Campaign Finances – Update

Here are the latest campaign finance reports for the City of Ruston’s mayoral race.

Ronny Walker

Loans to Campaign: $2,000

Significant Contributions:

$1,000 – Phil Pasley, Shreveport; Ronnie Ward, Ruston.

See here the complete 10/17/14 report.

Bill Elmore

Loans to Campaign: $20,000

Significant Contributions:

$1,000 – Consolidated Crescent, Ruston; Danny Prince, Dallas, TX; J. P. Keeter, Longview, TX; Aruna Gullapalli, Monroe; John McKinney, Ruston; McKinney Saw & Cycle, Ruston; Milton Slaughter, Ruston; Petstar Animal Care, Ruston; Radian Hennigan, Ruston.

$2,000 – Margie Hennigan, Ruston.

Significant Disbursements: Redprint Strategy, Arlington, VA – $7,000; The Political Firm, Baton Rouge (Scott Hobbs) – $5,300.

See here the complete 10/27/14 report.

See here our 10/16/14 report on the earlier mayoral finance reports.


8 Responses to “Ruston Mayoral Campaign Finances – Update”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why are so many people from outside of Ruston donating to Bill Elmore’s campaign?

    • Anonymous Says:

      because he is the best man for the job. also he hasn’t sold himself to certain other candidates and think the people of ruston are idiots and need to be told how to vote.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Even if your comment were true, would that justify people without an interest in our community attempting to influence a local race?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Most have Ruston connections while some are donating through their businesses that are headquartered outside Ruston but live here.

    • Sick and Tired Says:

      Another good question is why is Mr Elmore spending so much money with out of state and out of area companies to run his champaign. I thought he stood for local business’s.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are obviously with the Walker campaign from the comments you’ve made on this site.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I bet someone working on a campaign would be able to spell the word. Sick and Tired is probably just someone who’s sick and tired of Mr. High and Mighty acting holier than though when his actions are speaking so loud I can’t even hear what he has to say. What would Jesus do Bill Elmore? What would Jesus do?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Could someone post the link to the ad in the RDL that Elmore ran recently. Heard it was pretty scummy and I’d like to see for myself if it is as described.

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