“Ticket” Political Flyer Making the Rounds

Walker Ticket crop

A flyer promoting a “ticket vote” has been distributed locally, primarily on the Louisiana Tech University (LTU), it was reported late last week.

Mayoral candidate Bill Elmore told Lincoln Parish News Online that three of those depicted on the “ticket” called him and said they did not solicit the recognition.

Mayoral Candidate Ronny Walker said that he did not sponsor, distribute, or pay for the “ticket,” but only the food events that had been scheduled months ago.


65 Responses to ““Ticket” Political Flyer Making the Rounds”

  1. DetroitCity Says:

    is “Moving Lincoln Parish Forward” a slogan or an organization?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    every time you see something like this it just means all these people have bought the voter base. I would never vote for any on a ticket.

    • Anonymous Says:

      It’s happening in Jonesboro Mayor Race and I seen them all in the Black neighborhood.Don’t know who’s responsible but we should have expected that. Check it out Walter

  3. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    aren’t all political flyers/organizations required by law to have a “paid for” and address?

    There should be a fine for this violation, maybe track it back through the printer and who paid for it.

  4. James Says:

    Ya’ll aint to bright….isn’t it obvious that Ronny Walker did this…

  5. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    it’s “ya’ll ain’t too bright” first of all and second, no it wasnt Ronny, it was Hattaway.

  6. Diane Hilton Says:

    I’m not sure this would pass the Ethics Board…

  7. DetroitCity Says:

    Actually “y’all” is the correct form; it is a contraction of “you all” and the accent replaces the ou.
    Aaah; the South! Nothin’ finah…

    • Bob Sherunkel Says:

      my correction was from “to” into “too”
      “To” expresses motion toward something, while “too”, (the correct word here, express an excessive amount.

      Their just ain’t know teachin’ sum folks but they’re is plenty of learnin’ too due.

  8. Melodye Tanner Says:

    This has really upset the candidates who did not give their permission to have their names (which implies endorsement) on the card. I personally don’t appreciate anyone telling me how I should vote, and frankly puts all these candidates in a bad light even though they might not have given their permission to be put on the card.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I like the idea of accountability for our political candidates
    Let’s encourage our local paper, Ruston Daily leader, to find out
    Who paid for the voter card. That is public information is it not?

  10. Sue Says:

    Is it true that Ronnie Walker did not pay for it?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    That says Ronnie Walker did not pay for that. Is that true?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What about the candidates that were not represented on the card? And if Ronny says he did not pay for the card, he had to have know about it to give his permission to put the disclaimer on it “sponsored by Ronny Walker for Mayor.”

  13. WhoDat Says:

    Who printed the cards? Who paid them?
    Inquiring minds and the just nosy want to know…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I can pretty much guess which ones on the flyer did not give their permission. The others are who Ronny wants on the Council so he’ll have their loyalty rather than the incumbents in office now.

  15. Rip Says:

    Can’t expect much from poly-ticks. Blood suckers.

  16. DetroitCity Says:

    people pretty-much get the government they demand and deserve. pretty-much.

  17. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    The flyer was produced by Hattaway, “consultant” to John Belton and Lewis Jones.

    • Rusty Says:

      Hattaway is also Liners manager

    • Anonymous Says:

      Well, if this “Hathaway” is consultant to those 3, somebody has got to know something! Does Hathaway represent/ consult Ronny Walker?

      • Diane Hilton Says:

        The local paper won’t do anything because they have
        Already been ” bought “….

        • DeeDee Says:

          This is incorrect information. Hattaway represents many of these candidates and has a vested interest in getting them elected. The local paper has nothing to do with what a consulting firm does or doesn’t publish.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    An intelligent voter does his/her own research and doesn’t need to be TOLD how to cast their vote. How could this be “sponsored by Ronny Walker” without his knowledge? I think this is highly unethical!

    • DeeDee Says:

      The tailgate was sponsored by Ronnie Walker. Not the card. Although it was misleading. It was created by a local political consulting firm

  19. anonymous Says:

    Someone is telling Tech students how to vote and then inviting them to party a Ronny Walker’s headquarters. Do you really think Ronny Walker didn’t know anything about the flyer?

  20. jonannewin Says:

    I agree with whoever said before you start accusing anybody, you should check to see who in the world had this thing printed!!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Do tell us who printed it and what office was it printed from? Nor only should the candidates that were on the card that said they didn’t give their approval, but the candidates that weren’t on the card, they should all be outraged. I am a voter and I do not want to be told who to vote for.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Showed my mother, she agrees.. Unscrupulous..

  23. John Reeves Says:

    Same situation with the flyer….Just got another Cary Brown recorded advertisement disguising as a survey…. asking if the DA’s election were today who would you vote for. No telephone number is recited at the end as required. I did call the number on my caller ID (318) 251-3841 and it’s disconnected.

  24. Tucker Says:

    This is a typical “pay off” to voters. This is only teaching a young and “impressionable” generation the unscrupulous ways of campaigning. Very tacky!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Who is this “Hattaway”? If he represents 3 of the people on this flyer then surely one of them knew/knows who initiated this. Does Hattaway also consult Ronny Walker? Would explain why Ronny was also listed.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad I voted for other candidates!

  27. anonymous Says:

    I think this was an unethical action and I would be very upset if my candidate was not listed on the card (which most are not) but it applies to everyone. Tech students especially are too intelligent to have someone try to pull this on them. Ronny Walker’s name is all over the card. I’m upset enough I will not vote for any candidate on the card.

  28. anonymous Says:

    Ronnie Walker is using Hattaway just like others on the card. This appears to be a coalition working together to help each other get elected. I don’t believe anyone on this card did not know about it in advance. We should form a coalition against this group on the card.

  29. anonymous Says:

    doesn’t the card say sponsored by Ronnie Walker for Mayor. It doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure out who was right in the middle of this. He wants to stack his city council probably so he can play more golf. I won’t vote for anyone on this card on Tuesday.

  30. Sick and Tired Says:

    Really! Enough already this is over blown. No Mr Walker did not pay for the flyer nor has he used Heath Hataway for any consulting. If you take a minute to look at the flyer it simple says he was sponsoring events for early voters. I think a better question to ask is why has Bill made such a big deal out of it. I think a good question to ask the editor of this blog is “who brought this flyer to his attention”. I’ll bet it was someone running for Mayor. Why has Mr Elmore tried to smear Mr Walker almost since the day he announced his candidacy, the answer is simple he is BEHIND. GET MORE WITH ELMORE means more of the same old politics. Twist the facts, keep up the personal attacks and when all else fails lie your ass off and hope no one catches you. If you look at the things ole Bill says he wants to do they should look familiar because they are basicly the same things Mr Walker has been talking about and had published on his website since September 2013 almost a year before Bill joined the race. Mr Walker has never responded to any of the crap ole bill has thrown at him. He is a better man than I.

    I for one will be excited when November 5th gets here, because I have had enough of the signs everywhere and the continual negative attacks. I would also tell you it’s not just the Mayors race where all this is going on. What ever happened to running a race that was based on ideas and integrity. I for one really miss those days. All of you sould try and make an effort to personally meet all these candidates between now and Tuesday and make up your own minds who’s best. Unfortunately I’m afraid most folks really just don’t care that much anymore.


    Sick and tired

    • Anonymous Says:

      Sick and Tired, you don’t have to use profanity and name calling to get your point across. Speak like an adult not a mad child.

      • deleted Says:

        Mine was handed to me in McDonalds, the editor of this article could have been handed one like everyone else!

        • Sick and Tired Says:

          No he wasn’t. Someone needs to ask Mr Abbott who it was that gave him the flyer.

        • Sick and Tired Says:

          If your offended by the word &$$ then I apologize sincerely but you should be more offended by the print ad Mr Elmore ran Thursday in which he implied that being divorced makes you unqualified to hold public office.

        • Anonymous Says:

          It wasnt only McDonalds, there was a stack on the counter at Rib Shack.

  31. anonymous Says:

    The card is “block-voting” and it’s wrong & divisive.This block or rather “club” of candidates on the card says they’re going to move Lincoln Parish forward. How? There’s no TRUTH or HONESTY in this “club” because the sponsoring candidate Ronny Walker (Hattaway) is denying he knew about the card – REALLY? This is irresponsible for mayoral candidate I think. Some of the pictured candidates say they didn’t give their permission to be on this card. So, who is telling the truth? Who is actually lying? I don’t trust & believe any of these candidates. There are other qualified candidates not willing to lie, promise or smooth-talk me just to get my vote. Thanks for showing your true character.

  32. anonymous Says:

    Dear Sick and Tired (Hattaway), I would probably be desperate too if I had done what.you have. You know Bill never said anything untrue about Ronnie. However,there is certainly a lot of baggage with Ronnie that other candidates would have taken advantage of. If I was you now I would be quiet and hope this thing
    goes away.

    • Sick and Tired Says:

      Where would you like to start with the misrepresentations, we could use the one in front of the Rotary club last week where Mr Elmore said Mr Walker was going to raise the trash pickup rates to $15 a month for everybody in the city. When Mr Walker clearly said he wanted to offer curb side pick to residents who lived outside the city limits for $15. Pam Jones the moderator of that forum caught and corrected him but that was not the first or last time he used that line. We could use Mr Elmore’s print ad from last Thursday where he implies divorced people have no business running for office. Maybe you should contact old Bill and ask him about the million dollars that his company over charged the Medicare/Medicaid system which they had to repay. Your friend old Bill has plenty of baggage of his own that I don’t believe he would enjoy being aired here or anywhere else.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Wow, old bill, you sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Sick and Tired you sound like a bully with the name calling! Everyone has an opinion and it will be cast on Nov 4th. We can have a intelligent discussion without calling names.

      • Sick and Tired Says:

        So what you two guys are saying is that everything I said above is accurate but I’m a bad person because I called him old. If old is the worst thing he gets called after all the misrepresentation of the facts Mr Elmore has made during this election he is a lucky man.

  33. James Says:

    Heard rumor this morning that attorney in Farmerville is filing ethics complaint with bar about the so-called survey robo calls.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    It is discouraging to me that people will base their votes on this flyer, be it for or against the candidates on it. An election is choosing someone to perform a job for your community and paying them with your tax dollars. I have always considered the Ruston area one ripe with integrity and I hope that we will vote for the candidate for each office that will best be able to perform the duties required of the office sought. Politics is a filthy animal and can bring out the worst in not only candidates, but voters as well. I have a vision that I imagine Ruston can be, and I will vote for the candidate in each race who I believe is the most qualified and will do the job with integrity. It is easy to feel powerless in politics on a federal or state level, but local politics are a direct reflection of the members of the community. I beg of all voters to view the campaign as a job interview of the candidates seeking to work for you, and please do not cast a vote based on anything other than who is best for the job.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    It appears that the main accomplishment of this flyer is to create a vivid discussion here. I seriously doubt that it influenced any voters nor will it determine the outcome of the election.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t think it’s hard in a town this small to find out how a person spends their time. The bible says you will know them by their fruit. I choose a candidate who always does the right thing, no matter what. The question you need to ask yourself is, who is this candidate? Do they know how to do the job before they take the job? What kind of value system do they have? Will they carefully consider how choices will affect everyone, or a select few? It isn’t hard to see how a person has spent their time, and if they’ve silently helped many people in times of need, or used their experience and influence for the better good of humanity. It’s not hard to find out people, if you really want to know who you are voting for.

    • Healthy and Happy Says:

      Well said. Of all the comments I have read, your’s is the most sensible , intelligent and insightful. Thank you for bringing this election back into focus for those of us who are following this blog. No name calling, no cursing and no accusations. As voters, we each have a responsibility to educate ourselves and ask the most important questions…….who is qualified…..who shares MY values ….who will make the best decisions for our future, and who will actually pay for those choices. EVERBODY needs to vote. Let the people decide.

  37. anonymous Says:

    Dear Sick and Tired (Mr. Hatteway), Please spare us the filth and negativity that your mind has conjured up. I saw the ad in question and it only talked about Mr. Elmore’s 40+ years of marriage and nothing at all about his opponent. I think you are doing your client a disservice by bringing up his marriages.. I wouldn’t drag that into the discussion if I was you. Why don’t you stick to his accomplishments and any experience that qualifies him to be the mayor of Ruston. I believe your credibility or lack of it is not worthy of any further comments. I would recommend you borrow a Bible from someone and begin reading the book of John.

  38. anonymous Says:

    Dear Sick and Tired, I was at Rotary this week and Mr. Elmore said nothing about his opponent or garbage for that matter. Where do you dream this stuff up?

  39. Sick and Tired Says:

    You two are right I should lay off of you because it is obvious you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. This whole thing started because your friend and anointed candidate created this controversy by hand delivering the flyer to Mr Abbott and by passing around copies of it at the McDonalds in an effort to create a buzz. Maybe that is what the out of state and area consultants he has paid more than $13,000 to(financial report read it) advised him to do. As far as what I heard at Rotary maybe you should check your hearing aids apparently they do not work any better than Mr Elmore’s. Now on your biblical reading advice maybe you and Bill should start with Jesus’s admonishment to the crowd at the well about throwing the first stone. I am just tired of the personal attacks that your man started. Again up unto this point Mr Walker has never respond to or said one negative thing about Mr Elmore publicly or privately. I would challenge either one of you to produce any ad where Mr Walker has taken the same kind of cheap personal shots at his opponent like Mr Elmore has.

  40. Anonymous Says:


  41. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Healthy and Happy,
    You are a breath of fresh air compared to “Sick and Tired.” I find it interesting that no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the flyer. I find it equally interesting that someone is trying to shift the blame to the one that reported it. Just as we don’t know who printed it, we also don’t know who reported it. I have neither heard nor read any accusations or character assignations on behalf of either mayoral candidate to the other. Thank you for reminding us that each of us has a responsibility to vote in this election.

    Happy Two!

  42. Anonymous Says:

    God willing, the candidates who have run their races with integrity will win tomorrow. I wish Ronny Walker luck versus his opponent, who deemed it necessary lower the standards of a Ruston election through his recent ad in the Ruston Daily Leader, the level of which sickens me. Good luck also to John Belton versus his opponent who seems to be trying win voters with half truths and misleading statements. If those candidates who have run their campaigns without the integrity deserved by the Ruston community do win, I pray they will not execute their office with the same moral depravity displayed through their campaigns.

  43. anonymous Says:

    Yea whatever.

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