Jindal orders Ebola travel restrictions for Louisiana

The Hill

By Keith Laing – 10/20/14

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) is restricting travel to African nations that are battling Ebola amid extensive debate in Washington about a nationwide flight ban.

Jindal issued an executive order Monday that requires Louisiana state agencies to participate in the ban on travel to West Africa, which has been hotly debated following the first domestic diagnoses of the deadly disease.

“All departments, budget units, agencies, offices, entities, and officers of the executive branch of the State of Louisiana are authorized and directed to develop policies and reporting mechanisms for public employees and students, faculty, and staff of institutions of higher learning to report travel to the countries identified by the Centers for Disease Control as having a threat of contracting the Ebola Virus Disease,” Jindal’s executive order said.


9 Responses to “Jindal orders Ebola travel restrictions for Louisiana”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Thank you ,Gov.Bobby Jindal

  2. David Meyer Says:

    It means NOTHING

  3. Rip Says:

    Better than nothing. Meyers a O fan.

  4. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    I’m checking Craigslist, and see they have a spot to buy and sell tickets. So I advertise two speeding tickets to trade for just about anything. First three texters had Saints football tickets they wanted to dump. Bad mistake, now I am in a quandary. Do I ignore their offers, or go out and actually get pulled over?

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