McAllister, Other CD5 Candidates Want Flights From W Africa Stopped

Flights from the West African countries where an Ebola virus outbreak is occurring need to be stopped and people who are now arriving from that country should be quarantined for 21 days, Congressman Vance McAllister (R, LA05) said tonight.

Two other candidates who are vying for that seat in the upcoming November 5 election, Harris Brown and Ralph Abraham, echoed his sentiments.

Said McAllister, “Stop all incoming flights. Those quarantined would be free to travel or return home once medically cleared.”

Said Abraham, “Stop it now. There is no downside to not doing it.” He said that the argument that a ban would have an adverse economic impact on the foreign countries is bogus. He noted that we in the United States are already paying a price for the crisis.

Said Brown, “It’s time to end flights into the U. S. from West Africa. This is a serious health threat.”

The three were on the Louisiana Tech campus in Ruston this evening for a candidate “Meet and Greet” put on by the Ruston-Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the Louisiana Tech Student Government Association.

A crowd of two hundred or more met candidates for Judge, District Attorney, Ruston Mayor, Ruston Board of Alderman, Ruston City Marshal, U. S. Congress, and U. S. Senate.

Afterwards, the two candidates for Mayor, Ronny Walker and Bill Elmore, participated in a debate and question and answer session in Howard Auditorium.


4 Responses to “McAllister, Other CD5 Candidates Want Flights From W Africa Stopped”

  1. Donald Marion Fouler Says:

    The Democrat Party of the United States has a strategy to replace American voters with people more disposed to reliably vote Democrat each election. The present voter population has not only disappointed 0bama, but has also deeply disappointed the Democrat National Committee. This cannot be allowed to continue. Exceptional times require exception measures.

  2. Oldman Says:

    I don’t think so. When the American people finally see what the democrat party has done to our country,the democrat party will be history. I hope so.

  3. Donald Maroon Fouler Says:

    I’m sure when the American public realizes how much the Democrat Party has done for them they will revel in the streets demanding more of the same.

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