DA Candidates Address LPPJ

The two candidates for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney – John Belton and Cary Brown – addressed the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) at last night’s meeting, each giving the jury and audience a 10 minute recitation of their qualifications and platform.

Belton began by thanking the jury for the opportunity to speak, and citing his faith. He gave credit to his wife Alana for being his “better half.” He spoke about his twenty-two years of experience as a prosecutor and said he had prosecuted thousands of crimes, up to an including murder. He said he wanted to have both prosecution and prevention as a part of the office.

Said Belton, “I believe that we need to keep our children in school to graduate. We don’t have presently in the DA’s office a mentoring program. If we can keep our kids in school, make sure they graduate, then we won’t see them in a criminal court system.”

Belton also suggested that non-violent low level offender be offered the opportunity to serve in the military, rather than serve time in jail.

The DA is primarily an administrator, Belton said. He cited his experience as manager of a small business that he and his wife operate.

“In our small business, we manage over sixty employees,” said Belton.

Brown began by also thanking the jury for the forum.

He said he was seeking the job to serve the community because it was where he lived and where his three children attended school.

Said Brown, “I am the only candidate in this race who has ten years as a full-time DA. This isn’t about the money. I don’t have side interests and businesses. I have one job. And that’s serving you full time at the DA’s office. You’re going to get your money’s worth with me. You can expect me to be the first one at work every day and the last one to leave.”

Brown said his trial experience as a trial attorney would serve law enforcement and the community at large.

“I believe in the right to a speedy trial, not for just a defendant because its guaranteed by our Constitution. I believe in the right to a speedy trial for our victims, as well as our taxpayers. I am the candidate that that has offered a plan as to how to actually expedite the process.”


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