Justice for Murder Victim Sue Hashaway Delayed Again

Dr. Sue Hashaway

Dr. Sue Hashaway

It appears that Lincoln Parish citizens will have to wait until after November’s election before any more action will be taken in the case of State v Cameron Mays, who is accused of second degree murder in the home invasion and robbery of retired Grambling State University (GSU) professor Dr. Sue Hashway, 63.

A status conference set for 1:30 PM today, was this morning upset and refixed until December 9, 2014, Lincoln Parish News Online has learned.

We were scheduled to be in court this afternoon to report, but learned of the delay before noon. Apparently, the delay was granted in court this morning.

The status conference was originally set for 8/26/14, but John Belton, the Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) Assistant District Attorney who is lead prosecutor in the case, was in discussions with the crime lab over some issues not yet clear, it was said at the time.

Belton is running for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney.

Hashaway was killed nearly 2 1/2 years ago, in early June 2012, in the normally quiet Cypress Springs neighborhood of Ruston. Mays was also charged in another home invasion and rape that occurred in the same neighborhood.

20 Responses to “Justice for Murder Victim Sue Hashaway Delayed Again”

  1. eyesonyou Says:

    shameful. If Mr.Belton does not understand the facts by now he probably never will nor will it never be clear to him. Poor excuse for someone wanting to be DA. Should be fired.

  2. ShowMeResults Says:

    I agree. This guy has been fiddling around with this case about two years. Since he’s never prosecuted and won a criminal trial before a judge and jury, would it be unreasonable to think he’s scared of how he’d look if he lost this case before the election? As you said, a poor excuse for someone wanting to be DA.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think it was set for a sanity commission hearing yesterday. I don’t believe the trial is set since the sanity commission is still pending, and it results in a stay of the proceedings until concluded. I believe the delay is due to information the state is waiting on from the Crime Lab; not due to some lack of understanding by Mr. Belton. Let’s get the facts straight. Ms. Hashaway and Mr. Mays deserve the benefit of all of the testing being concluded and all of the evidence being presented when the trial goes forward.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Some very partisan comments here without knowing the facts. I haven’t decided who to vote for but I know virtually every murder trial occurs years after the crime was committed. Sometimes the delay is sought by the defense, sometimes by the prosecution. A judge is under a great deal of pressure to grant delays in the interest of assuring sufficient time to prepare to avoid being reversed on appeal. A trial on a death penalty case 2 years after the arrest is not unusual and may be nobody’s fault. A little research will show that every prosecutor in the 3rd DAs office, including Mr. Belton’s competitor, has taken murder cases to trial years after the arrest.

  5. eyesonyou Says:

    If you can’t get everything together in 2 years maybe you should let the man go. what happen to speedy trials? Incompetence is the problem as is with most gov agencies.

  6. OopsISlipped Says:

    The sanity hearing ought to be for anyone still allowing this thug to suck air.
    Bury him in the tomato patch out at the DC.

  7. Howard Says:

    It’s a second degree murder trail and while some delay is excusable, there is no doubt that much of this delay is unjustified. The last murder trial in Lincoln Parish was in front of a jury within SIX months of the actual murder. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    The previous murder was successfully prosecuted by Mr. Brown. The murderer now also resides outside the district…in Angola.

    I don’t want a DA that tries to negotiate with murderers.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Do you judgemental and distraught people have nothing else to do..With so much going on in this world, can you understand that God is in charge…stop anticipating anger, hatred, and terrible untrue comments about people or situations you know nothing of..it doesn’t matter what you think, but you have a right to your comments.but I suppose when small minded people have nothing else to do, you can expect such stupidity..enjoy yourself!

  9. Rip Says:

    God give us humans a free mine to do what we want be it GODS way or not. God does not control human mine only judges what the human does. As far as us judgmental and distraught people what would this world be without human judgement. Anonymous 10/27pm did judge us of course that’s okay because he thinks he can do wrong. A liberal position you know. Does not a DA judge?

  10. Rip Says:

    Insert ” NO” before wrong in next to last sentence. Got carried away with non judgmental person who calls people name such as small minded people. Did he not judge?

    • toobless Says:

      Reading all the comments only lead me to say is that no one knows the truth but God and the person being accused. It’s a sad case and by all means I feel bad for the family but all these negative comments are not necessary. We all will stand before a jealous God and will be judged so we as humans on this earth does not have the last say so of our own life. We all need to know sin is sin and there is no big or little sin so to judge someone of their actions in a situation is not our calling. After this life we all will be judged accordingly; I say that to say this that no one is perfect and we all have fallen short of God’s Glory and hopefully this trial will be over soon so all the negative comments can finally come to an end. My prayers are with both families. Have a Bless Day…..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Will be praying for you Rip!

  12. Rip Says:

    If you do not judge people by their actions and deeds there would be no bad human beings. No police,DA,judges and laws needed! Let computers pick a random candidate when voting if we are not to judge. Would not that be just great. Toobless says, ” to judge someone by their action in a situation is not our calling”. Unbelivable statement! If God is in control of all our mines as some commenters suggest, do you really think God would allow bad things to happen to good people. God is love and he gave us humans free will mines to accept Gods ways or not. Matthew 7.1, Judge not, that ye be not judged. 7.2, For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Jesus’ word as recorded by St. Matthew. If anyone can find where it is written where we as Gods people are not to judge earthly humans please record the Author,chapter and verse on this sight. We are not to judge if a human is going to enter into heaven or hell. That is Gods call not ours.

  13. Rip Says:

    Thanks for the prayers. We all need them. I think you judged me if you think I need prayer when you read my comments. Thanks again.

    • toobless Says:

      There is no need of going back and forth because man is in charge of the laws of the land. The Lord say obey those who have authority over you and He will deal with the rest when he come. We all are subject to our opinions about this case but there is no need for the negative talk and being judgemental. We all have did something to harm someone it may not be the same as others but it’s true. Pray for both families and in the end the final judgement come from God. It’s good people know scriptures but we must apply them to our lives because just quoting them is getting a person no where but trying to prove a point. Everyone have a Bless Day and keep the families lifted in prayer.

  14. I'mwithMary Says:

    Yes Obama has authority over every citizen in the USA so bow down kiss his ring and do as he says. Abort the unborn, accept what ever he ask of you.

    • Old an Says:

      I’m hoping that obamas days are about over and we can restart our country. I’m thinking that obama has been the worst president in my lifetime and I’m 71 yrs old. We need good leadership and not some joker playing golf while our country falls a part.

      • toobless Says:

        The country was falling apart before Obama became president. There is no time for name calling people. It’s praying time. The best solution for this whole presidential dilemma is for we the people to pray for the president and his cabinet. Things are not going to go our way throughout this whole life time. To me those who are criticizing the president how about you run for president and let the world see what you can do. Praying Time!!!

        • Oldman Says:

          Sir,i think obuma will go down in history as the worst President this country has ever had bar none.

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