New Courthouse Push Begins @ Lincoln Parish Police Jury

Despite tens of millions of dollars in construction over the past few years by Lincoln Parish’s public agencies (Lincoln Parish Sheriff – $5 million for “public safety complex”; Lincoln Parish School Board – $20 million, about half for athletics; City of Ruston – $1 million for Police Dept HQ), it appears that local government’s appetite for shiny new buildings is nowhere near sated. The latest is a push from the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) for a new courthouse, estimated to cost $20 million or more.

The push will come in the form of an application to the State of Louisiana for capital outlay funding for the project. It is not clear how much in local matching funds will be required, or if a new tax is being considered for the project. The jury’s Public Property & Buildings Committee will discuss the issue at their Tuesday (10/14) 5:30 PM meeting.

See here the agenda.

Also to be discussed is the allocation of the space on the ground floor formerly occupied by the Sheriff’s Office.

That meeting is but one of a series of committee meetings that begins at 4:00 PM on the third floor of the Lincoln Parish Court House.

Adjudicated Property Committee – 4:00 PM


This committee will review a proposed ordinance that deals with the disposal of adjudicated property.

See here the proposed ordinance.

Insurance Committee – 4:30 PM


Insurance coverage renewals for both liability and employee group health will be discussed.

Public Works Committee – 5:00 PM


A couple of capital outlay requests are to be discussed by this committee – a building for the North Louisiana Exhibition Center and road construction on Beacon Light Road.

Also to be discussed is the acquisition by Stanley Reed of a corner of property across Fairgrounds Road from the Exhibition Center.

Finally, the committee will request authorization to widen the intersection of Duraflake Road and Hwy 563 near Magnolia Corner.

Finance Committee – 6:00 PM


Discussion of employee salaries and wages is on this committee’s agenda, along with budget requests by several parish agencies.

See here the list.

Full Jury – 7:00 PM


The full jury will hear committee reports, consider several resolutions, authorize bids, and will hear from District Attorney candidates John Belton and Cary Brown.

There is a letter from Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 Interim Chief Donny Watson concerning an expiring appointment to the Board of Commissioners.

See here the letter.


3 Responses to “New Courthouse Push Begins @ Lincoln Parish Police Jury”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please, no new taxes for ANYTHING! Ruston could be a good retirement place, if our local government didn’t keep wanting everything new that cost taxpayers more dollars.

  2. Mr. E Says:

    TEA Party. Taxed Enough Already! Time to send a big message to the politicians!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What’s wrong with the old one?

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