Nearly Half of Belton Contributions from Outside District

Nearly half – about 43% – of the contributions to John Belton’s candidacy for Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney came from addresses that are not within those two parishes, the campaign finance documents show. By our count, 57 of 133 contributors have addresses that are outside Lincoln or Union Parish.

See here Belton’s 10/6/2014 report.

Cary Brown’s report shows 25 of 318 contributions outside the district – about 8%.

See here Brown’s 10/6/2014 report.


One Response to “Nearly Half of Belton Contributions from Outside District”

  1. ShowMeResults Says:

    One guy works part-time as assistant DA, spends time on personal businesses, has never tried and won a criminal case before a judge and jury, gets 43% contributions outside district and even sends son to West Monroe HS instead of RHS; the other guy works full-time as assistant DA and has personally tried 75% of all criminal cases of the whole office of DA, sends kids to Lincoln Parish Schools, and gets 8% contributions outside district.
    So which one to vote for? I’ll take the local full-time guy with more experience, not the part-time inexperienced outsider. No brainer.

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