Second JD (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson) Judge’s Race Finance Reports

The first campaign finance reports have been filed in the race for Division A Judge, Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District.

Homer attorney Ben Bleich shows total receipts of about $43.4 thousand, and disbursements of about $38.4 thousand. About $20 thousand of the receipts are contributions, and the balance – about $23.4 thousand – are in the form of loans from Bleich to his campaign.

Some of the larger contributions are: Shreveport attorney Jack Baily, $1 thousand; Summerfield resident Audie Edwards, $1 thousand; Gamvest Limited Partnership, Shreveport, $1 thousand; Monroe attorney Christian Creed, $1 thousand; Ruston resident Lamar Haddox, $2 thousand; Ruston CPA Radian Hennigan, $1 thousand; and J&R Juneau, LLC, Bossier City, $1 thousand.

Also, Pandy Bleich contributed about $2.5 thousand.

Much of the disbursements are for postage, campaign brochures, t-shirts, and print advertising the area’s weekly newspapers – The Jackson Independent (Jonesboro), The Bienville Democrat (Arcadia), The Claiborne Guardian-Journal (Homer), and the Haynesville News (Haynesville).

See here Bleich’s complete 10/2/14 report.

Incumbent Jenifer Clason shows receipts of $311 thousand, and disbursements of about $62 thousand. The receipts include about $11 thousand in contributions, and a loan from the candidate’s husband to her campaign of $300 thousand.

Among the more significant contributions: Greene Butler, Homer, $2.5 thousand; Colvin Law Firm, Homer, $2.5 thousand; Eric Johnson, Minden, $2.5 thousand; and C. S. Sentell, Jr., Minden, $1 thousand.

Clason reports spending about $9.7 thousand on newspaper ads in the same weekly newspapers as Bleich, and about $4.2 thousand on postage.

There are several significant expenditures for campaign consulting, signs, printing, and material design:

Prennial Media Entertainment, Shreveport – $7.6 thousand
Coaxial Studios, Bossier City – $9.1 thousand
Boyett Printing, Bossier City – $10.1 thousand
Munson Group, Alexandria – $5 thousand.

See here Clason’s complete report.


3 Responses to “Second JD (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson) Judge’s Race Finance Reports”

  1. strona Says:

    Superb post, Saved to favorites – need to show it to my

  2. concerned Says:

    what did Ben spend on his other business

  3. wondering Says:

    It appears honesty and integrity are lacking from Ben who is seeking an office that upholds these two values. He feels like he is being attacked; well when you start your campaign negatively and illustrating with juvenile cartoons, what did he anticipate would happen? Remove the plank from your eye before you try to remove the dust out of your neighbors.

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