Downtown Ruston Parking Rules Change

Last night’s meeting of the Ruston City Council saw rule changes to parking time limits and fines, via an ordinance that was unanimously adopted.

The new time limit is three hours, instead of two, and the fine is now $25, instead of $5. Also, added to the streets that will limited are the west side of Monroe Street across from the “boardwalk,” and West Park Avenue.

See here the ordinance.

Several business owners and citizens made comments about the changes, some noting sidewalk and lighting issues, and others speaking for the ordinance.

District Four Alderman Jim Pearce said that he appreciated the citizen input. He noted that there are several public parking lots near to downtown, and all are within a two to three minute walk.

Said Pearce, “Nothing was over a three minute walk, to walk to these places.”

Also, the council approved resolutions to begin engineering and design on a couple of water and sewer improvement projects.

One is for the water system in the Roberts Street/Snowden Street area off West Barnett Springs. The other is sewer work in the West California Avenue/South Monroe Street area.

The projects are set to begin in the spring and summer of next year.

The board approved unanimously changes to the zoning code.

See here the changes.


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