Lafayette DA Update – 9/29/14

Oh, brother! Kermit Harson supporting Stutes

by Leslie Turk

The Harson boys grew up in Lafayette and don’t have much of a relationship today; Kermit did not elaborate on any other conflicts the two may have had. “There’s a lot of other personal stuff, too,” he says. “But that’s between him and I.”

Kermit is particularly disappointed by the pay-for-plea scandal that has plagued the office for 2.5 years (the feds say the bribery scheme went on for four years under Harson’s nose) and resulted in three former employees pleading guilty to accepting bribes. Kermit blames his brother for much of that. “I think [the] DWI [issue] just broke his back,” Kermit says. “He’s got a different outlook on that particular charge compared to the average person,” Kermit says, claiming Mike thinks the penalties for [OWI] are too severe. Kermit tells The IND Mike has made specific statements directly to him about OWI penalties being too harsh.

Evidenced by two campaign signs erected on his properties in Rayne, where Kermit resides, and in Duson, where the brothers share side-by-side tracts of land they inherited, Kermit Harson believes the next six years should belong to Keith Stutes, the retired assistant district attorney who is challenging his former boss on Nov. 4.

Mike Harson issued the following in response to The IND’s questions about why his brother is not supporting him:

“You have just convinced me that you must be on salary with the Stutes campaign. I was aware of the fact that my brother had met with my opponent, and I can’t think of a lot of ways you would have known about him. My brother and I have been estranged for a number of years and anything he says would not be a surprise to me and he is entitled to his own recollection of events which do not agree with mine.

However, I think it is a very definite sign of desperation to dry to drag personal family issues into this campaign and shows a continuing tie-in between your paper and my opponents’ camp.”

One Response to “Lafayette DA Update – 9/29/14”

  1. Vernon Says:

    Wow, how depressing is this, not the post but the number of sheep who get in to this crap.

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