Mayo Called Out by Monroe Transit Employees

Employees, both past and present, of Monroe Transit said at last night’s meeting of the Monroe City Council that Mayor Jamie Mayo “slandered” them with his baseless accusations of equipment sabotage by employees. It makes no sense, they said, for employees to damage the very equipment that helps produce their livelihood.

Said Damian Armstrong, a 20-year employee and President of Local 1160 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, about sabotage. I’ve been there this month make 20 years. I’m not going to jeopardize my livelihood, and no one else at Transit, their livelihood because of so-called sabotage. There’s only three people, I think, in the City of Monroe who actually believe this – that’s the Mayor, Mr. Janaway (Public Works Director), and Mark Keenan (Monroe Transit Manager). I’ve talked to a lot people – passengers, friends – no one believes this. They actually think it’s funny.”

Delores Brown, a Transit operator, said much the same thing.

Said Brown, “For the last few weeks, I’ve been hearing about sabotage with Monroe Transit. I have been with Monroe Transit for over thirty something years. No sabotage until now. All I ask is for you all (the council) please start coming and looking for yourselves, instead of taking someone else’s word for it.”

Said Deotis Pruitt, a Transit retiree, “We have too many relatives working over there in Transit. There’s creating positions – we have a street supervisor, we have a regular supervisor, and a general manager. Now we have an assistant general manager, some assistant to the assistant general manager. Where’s the money coming from?”

The remarks from transit employees came near the end of the two hour meeting, after Mayo had left the meeting room.

In other business, the council approved liability insurance coverage for the transit system. The contract that was approved was changed from what appeared on the agenda, in favor of a more expensive policy with no deductible and better coverage.

3 Responses to “Mayo Called Out by Monroe Transit Employees”

  1. skipper Says:

    the head man ๐Ÿ‘จ at the news star ๐ŸŒŸ made a big story to promote the mayor’s farce.

  2. Tom Green Says:

    The transit workers, Armstrong and Wilson should sue Mayo for defamation of character. The Mayo lie. US DOT should be brought in to investigate Monroe and its management or lack there of transit operations in Monroe. I feel for the poor transit workers who work for Mayo. They are the ones getting hurt. Shame on you Mayo.

  3. mason jawr Says:

    Mayo is a unadulterated joke. The News Star promotes and protects him.

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