Escapees Prompt Jail to Spend another Two Hundred Thousand

A recent incident where two trustys at the Lincoln Parish Detention Center walked off the property has prompted the commission that governs the facility to declare an “emergency” and allow the facility to purchase install nearly 4000 feet of new fencing and two dozen new cameras, at an estimated cost of over $200 thousand.

Warden Jim Tuten told the commission at this morning’s meeting, “We had two people who were in quote trusty status. They were washing our cars – somewhere around five o’clock on Saturday afternoon, they decided they were tired of washing cars and just left.”

Tuten said one of the capital projects for 2014 was to finish fencing the facility. He said it would take about 2900 feet of 10 foot fence, and about 1000 feet of 12 foot fence. He estimated the cost of the shorter fence at about $40/foot, and the 12 foot fencing at about $72/foot.

The emergency declaration will allow circumvention of the state’s public bid law.

About two dozen cameras, along with the associated computers and software, would also be purchased and installed. That cost was estimated to be about $20 thousand.

It was said that the original capital budget for the facility was about $1.4 million, and that somewhere over $900 thousand had been spent.

Tuten said that the number of pre-trial detainees had increased to about 146 inmates today, from about 116 on July 1. Total population during that time has increased to 277 from 238.

There was also discussion about a juvenile detention center for the area, an issue that had come up at the 3/31/14 meeting of the commission.

Size of a potential facility, the number of beds, and estimated costs will continue to be studied, Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone said.

3 Responses to “Escapees Prompt Jail to Spend another Two Hundred Thousand”

  1. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman, will you bring a half gallon of Tanqueray over to me? Please, Buddy!

  2. DetroitCity Says:

    Cheaper to just let them go as long as they don’t come back.

  3. DMF Says:

    They weren’t very trusty, were they?

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