Former Chief Ford Sues Fire District, Demands $400 Thousand

Former Chief Dennis Ford of Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 has sued the agency for “comp time,” insurance costs, and penalties, Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has learned.

Ford is demanding a total of about $409 thousand, plus attorney fees.

See here the petition.

Representing Ford is Monroe attorney Daniel Street.

Last May, Ford retired on disability claiming a heart/lung condition. He had been on extended leave for a year prior to that.

LP Fire Chief on “Extended Leave” – 6/5/13

While Chief, Ford was drawing a salary of over $100 thousand/year.

Lincoln Parish Fire District Chief Paid Over $100 Thousand/Year – 6/25/12

The district is required to file an answer or other pleading within fifteen days.

17 Responses to “Former Chief Ford Sues Fire District, Demands $400 Thousand”

  1. Confused Says:

    True colors coming out , with him it was always all about what he could get out of taxpayers

  2. Confused Says:

    If you could go back and get what he was paid and what he was worth chief would owe taxpayers

  3. HellToTheChief Says:

    The rat ought to be stood up against a wall and shot for robbing the People and wasting their money. He’s all about the money. I hope the fire department countersues for malfeasance while he was in office.

  4. Cowboy Says:

    THIS is why we argued against the creation of an unnecessary fire protection district in the first place back in 1992! It was never needed as rural home fires don’t pose a threat to neighboring homes that could spread to burn down an entire city. What we got, despite tortured pleas at the time that it would never happen, is a professional force we now have to support for life! Ford was useless as a fire chief, drawing a salary far larger than he was ever worth, and now he comes back in a pathetic attempt to stick us for even more despite being useless as t*ts on a boar hog!

    As if we needed another example, take a lesson from this and NEVER, EVER create another useless government body just so you can enjoy the smug satisfaction of having “done something,” especially when there was never a problem needing solving in the first place! The entire idea of a need for rural fire protection was ginned up by idiots like Tom Thompson wanting to create a little fiefdom they could control, and we taxpayers are left footing the bill for their hubris!

    We’re stuck with this waste of taxpayer money for another ten years since voters were bussed to the polls in support of it and lied to about insurance ratings. I pray that voters finally get so sick of it that they vote it down the next time it ever comes up for reauthorization!

    Ford sat around on his dead arse being useless for years drawing one of the highest fire chief salaries in the state, all while plotting to retire on disability like his old man, then after he finally gets his disability retirement dream, he dares to come back trying to suck even more out of us with this ridiculous lawsuit! He wasn’t worth what he was being paid, much less anything else! THIS is the true spirit of “public service” that exists today – get all one can get from the public in service to one’s self!

    • oh... Says:

      As a public servant myself I disagree with you about this being the true spirit of public service!! One bad egg tarnished the reputation of the rest of us. I don’t agree with what he’s doing at all.

      • Cowboy Says:

        Disagree all you want, but guys like Ford give all of you a bad name! You need to be calling these people out instead of turning away and pretending not to notice!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    That sounds just like the fire chief in jonesboro. He got the mayor to pay him far more than he is worth

    • Anonymous Says:

      $42,000.00 is the same that the Police Chief makes in Jonesboro, he has 2 officers, the Fire Chief has 3 full time and 20 volunteer members, he responds to nearly all calls while the chief police chief makes none…wow why dont you all get your own life and leave others alone…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Im sure that he held a gun to the Mayors head and forced him that salary…come on people!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Jonesboro fire chief is about the sorriest excuse for a fire chief in the state of Louisiana.What has he done for the town?He got this job kissing arse and kicked the best man for the job out. One more sorry bastard.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The police chief has been Chief for several years. He did not start out at $42,000. Now did he

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I think Mr Ford might be opening a can of worms that he will wish he never opened. Stay tuned for more action.

  9. None Says:

    Dennis ford is a piece of Shi…

  10. TheBeefIsChicken Says:

    Uh oh: sounds like the move is afoot to kick him off the dole.
    Well, he ought to have left it alone. he had it made; now he’ll be busted. I hear they got some good people on it.

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