Street Dedication Revoked

A street right-of-way that had since 1905 been dedicated to the construction of East Street near the Eagle Drive I-20 overpass was revoked unanimously by the Ruston City Council at Monday night’s meeting. Ruston businessman James Davison owns property adjacent to the right-of-way that he plans to develop, according to the application.

See here the document.

Additonally, the plans call for the now dead-end Center street extension to turn north, and then tie in to the I-20 South Service Road just west of Eagle Drive.

However, another property owner in the area, Rodney Driggers, objected, saying the plan to abandon the right-of-way would cut off access to his property.

Said Driggers, “I had built 350 feet of East Street, and it was torn up when they redirected East Street into Willow Glen.” He added, “Eighty percent of that right-on-way, I am on – adjacent to in some way or another. I have six pieces of property that I was trying to develop up at the north end, and its very crucial that I have a right-of-way that goes down through there, if I were to develop the land, which I had planned on doing.”

Driggers was represented by by Shreveport attorney Bernard Johnson, who also spoke.

Representing Davison was attorney Kyle Green, who spoke for the revocation.

Said Green, “There’s no longer a public purpose for this road. Returning this land to private property ownership would put the property back into commerce so it can be developed. And finally, revoking the dedication does not deny access to any landowner.”

The council followed the recommendation of Ruston’s Zoning Commission in revoking the dedication.

In other business, the council introduced a ordinance that would, if adopted, change fines for violation of time limited parking on several city streets.

See here the proposed ordinance.


3 Responses to “Street Dedication Revoked”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What about employees of businesses in “The Zone”?
    I guess everyone is going to leave their post and move their cars 3 times per day, eh?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Must be nice to be James Davidson.

  3. Says:

    I recently can’t leave your blog previous to indicating that I truly adored the normal information someone look after your visitors? Will be again gradually to check through to new blogposts

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