DOTD Plan for Hwy 33/Douglas Road Per LPPJ Request

In response to a request at last month’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ), the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) said it would post additional signage and also reduce the posted speed limit at the intersection of LA Hwy 33 (Farmerville Hwy) and LA Hwy 821 (Douglas/Frazier Rd).

Wrote DOTD’s Natalie Sistrunk, District Traffic Operations Engineer, in a 9/2/14 letter to the jury:

In attempts to increase driver awareness at the intersection, the Department recommends the following intersection improvements be implemented:

a) Installation of oversized intersection warning signs along LA 33 equipped with flashing warning beacons and 45 mph speed advisory plates.
b) Installation of oversized STOP signs on LA 821 and Frazier Road on both sides of the approaches.

Department forces will install these signs as soon as scheduling permits.

See here the letter.

The jury and two of its committees will meet today (9/9) at the Lincoln Parish Court House, third floor.

Here are the meeting times and agendas:

Finance Committee – 5:00 PM


Public Works Committee – 6:00 PM


Police Jury – 7:00 PM


Among the significant items to be discussed are budget requests from various agencies in the parish.

See here the list.


2 Responses to “DOTD Plan for Hwy 33/Douglas Road Per LPPJ Request”

  1. Mr. E Says:

    The signs won’t work, but you all will feel better about having done something. This was never a case of going all out because it involved spending other people’s money, but a clear cut case of selecting the best option that balanced public safety with traffic efficiency.

    Any solution has to begin by acknowledging that drivers speed through the current intersection. If they are already speeding through it posted at 55 MPH, then they will continue speeding through it posted at 45 MPH. The only difference will be the aggressiveness of their speeding.

    We attempt to slow drivers down with signs and speed bumps, but we have so many of these devices and drivers are slowed so much that they begin to ignore it all. Drivers speed between the speed bumps in parking lots because they are forced momentarily to slow to a crawl. This aggressive driving becomes even more dangerous as they accelerate between speed bumps.

    Speed limits set artificially low on a highway stretch that drivers approach having come from the slower city driving of Ruston will be ignored as drivers wish to get on with their travel. Ignoring this reality to post yet another speed limit sign will not solve the problem of a dangerous intersection. It will merely sweep the problem under the rug until the next fatality, when calls will renew for an even lower posted speed limit.

    Highway 33 is a well used corridor connecting Ruston and Farmerville. The Douglas/Frazier Rd approaches are poorly thought out and connect at an unusual angle that contributes to the problem. A proper solution would acknowledge this and involve redesign of these approaches along with an overpass on Highway 33. Instead, we get refusal to consider the need for an approach redesign or consideration of an overpass for traffic efficiency. Instead, we get a sign. Yeah, that’s gonna help.

    One of the few times when a public expense is actually justified in the interests of public safety and efficiency is suddenly met with calls of wasteful spending by citizens who think nothing of spending millions to build a high school football stadium because “Its for the kids!”

  2. StopLookAndListen Says:

    If the people driving like idiots would pay attention to what they were doing and put the cell phones down there would be a lot less trouble. There is not a fix for everything. It is an imperfect workd; get over it.

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