Chris Bowman Announces for Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson DA

Bowman DA Announcement

Bowman DA Announcement

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23 Responses to “Chris Bowman Announces for Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson DA”

  1. Concerned Voter Says:

    This guy beat his ex-wife in front of a Louisiana State Trooper back in 2004 and had his law license suspended because of it.

    Go to, search for ODC Rulings and Recommendations using his first and last name, and you’ll find his case: 10-DB-069 freely available to the public as a PDF.

    Walter, you should definitely find this case and publish it so the voters in these Parishes know exactly who this guy really is and what his attitudes are towards women.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is he the right one?

    • Anonymous Says:

      We need to know everything about our candidates before we vote,we don’t need any surprise for the next four years.Whom ever we elect needs to be the best,smartest and the most honest of the ones that are running.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Just want to clear up an error in the above post. The DA runs for a 6 years term, not a 4 year one. That’s why we had to put up with Jonathan Stewart so long. Here’s our chance to get this guy out of our DA’s office. Vote for the best qualified person who will prosecute the guilty parties and not bargain with them. It’s time to get tough with these individuals and put them away for a long time. Quit giving them probation.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    That is old news and if you would read it, he did not beat his wife. Please make sure you have accurate information when commenting on something. This is how rumors start.

    This is political mudslinging at its best; when you don’t have the facts you just make them up.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder why he does not mention his high school or law school…but does mention La Tech…..interesting…

    • HeadsUp! Says:

      As I read Chris’ announcement (posted above), it appears that his desire, in part, is to inform people about positive choices that he has made during his life.

      Chris chose to get his undergraduate degree at Louisiana Tech. He is a Tech fan. College graduates most identify their college alma mater as the school where they received their undergraduate degree. For Chris, this was Louisiana Tech.

      While most people who know Chris are aware that he graduated from Cedar Creek at Ruston, there is a valid assumption that Chris did not make the choice to go to Cedar Creek; his parents made that choice. Obviously, however, Chris felt that his parents made a sound decision in sending him to school where they did, as he later made the decision to send his children there, as well.

      And as far as where he went to law school, and please, forgive me for pointing this out, but refer to the fifth sentence in his announcement above: He writes this, “Upon graduating from Southern University Law Center in 1987, I took a position as an Assistant District Attorney and felony prosecutor for the 2nd Judicial District.”

      It’s interesting that some readers may not notice that he he did, in fact, mention Southern University Law Center. Thankfully, someone did. How much clearer does he need to be in order to be treated fairly?

      Before making public statements such as these, we should check ourselves to ensure fairness to all of the candidates.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen a politician own up to his past. I hand it to Chris for this. If Chris can man up to his faults I believe he will make an excellent elected official. This is something you will never get from our current DA.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      He certainly is “fessing” up to his past problems. He put it out front for all of the parishes to see before he was called down for his past.
      I admire that about Chris.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Bowman is a defense lawyer, he earns his money getting folks off for the crimes they commited.. he tries his best in court to undermine law enforcement to get his client off. isnt it strange you only hear from him when its election time? the man lives in lincoln parish.(jefferson corner area)

  7. FatManSings Says:

    Anonymous, you raise an excellent point: Chris is a defense lawyer, and he specializes in other areas of practice, as well; many of his clients say that he is a very good lawyer. Some law enforcement officers in North Louisiana say that although they don’t like to face examination under Bowman in court, that they, themselves, would hire him to defend them if they were charged with a crime. Chris is tough in the courtroom; he always has been. I would believe that many law officers would breathe a sigh of relief if they hear the news that they and Chris are now on the same team.

    Chris has more jury trial experience than many prosecutors have. I believe that jury trial experience defending clients is the best foundation of experience for a future District Attorney.

    Bowman knows what defense attorneys need to win cases over the prosecution. His experiences will provide solid ground for prosecution of violent offenders that need to be in prison for protection of the public. We need a prosecutor who won’t give defense attorneys what they want in defending cases. Chris is the man for this job.

    • Anonymous Says:

      you dont have to resort to underhanded practices in court to represent your client… ive been in court several times with Mr Culpepper and have yet to hear or see him undernmine the officer. he relies on facts of the caes

      • ThinkingOutloud Says:

        Does the judge allow lawyers to get away with underhanded practices in the courtroom? It is difficult to understand how any lawyer would be allowed to engage in underhanded practices in court. I’m just thinking out loud here–not disputing what you are saying at all. Which parish is this occurring in?

  8. ThinkingOutloud Says:

    Does the judge allow lawyers to get away with underhanded practices in the courtroom? It is difficult to understand how any lawyer would be allowed to engage in underhanded practices in court. I’m just thinking out loud here–not disputing what you are saying at all. Which parish is this occurring in?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    show up for court one day, i assure you that you will be shocked at the way some lawyers go about it

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Migght as well get used to it,in 6 yrs very few da stay honest. Being a lawer they know how to do things and get away with things we cannot get away with. Chris fessed about his past is good if he’s not trying to make his self look good just to get your vote. All you can do is get out and vote for who you thinks best for the job. If you don’t vote don’t complain.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Know who has courtroom experience as a prosecutor, didn’t have his law license suspended, AND is not Jonathan Stewart? Danny Newell needs to win this race. Anyone is better than Stewart, but we have a good, non-controversial choice in Newell.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Anonymous@4:59 pmi also think we need to vote forDanny Newell,we will know what we are getting. I think Danny is the most honest and trustworthy,that’s what we need.

    • Don't start no mudslinging, and there won't be none. Says:

      Have you heard about allegations of wife and husband swapping that is not alleged to involve an attorney from Arcadia, nor one from Jonesboro??

  12. sunrisesunset Says:

    Danny Newell’s father, Judge Newell, of many years ago was a fine gentlemen judge. His son probably is, also. I do not know Chris Bowman or Danny Newell. Maybe either would be just as good as the other. We all just need to get out and vote election day. May the best man for our parish win.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    You had better know who you are voting for,six years is a long time if you vote the wrong man in.Study the man and then get and vote.

  14. Karma Says:

    Much much more the voters will hear about Mr. Bowman before November 4th. Anyone believing he is the right man for the job will be second guessing themselves very soon.

  15. 借金相談 弁護士事務所 Says:


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