Mayo Didn’t Keep Word, Council Says

Controversial Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo isn’t a man of his word, several Monroe City Council members alleged at last nights meeting.

The issue came up during discussion of a budget amendment, when District One’s Ray Armstrong asked the mayor to provide an accounting of progress on several projects Mayo had promised the council he would fund, in exchange for the council’s support of his budget.

Said Armstrong, “I would like to see a formal accounting of these things. We kept our part of the bargain, and I do want to make sure we’re all at the same table, in going forward to do the things that the council thought would be in the best interests of the public.”

In ordinance adopted on April 8 – and signed by Mayo – several items were listed, including additional police patrols, drainage improvements, sidewalk repairs, street lighting, and cemetery repairs.

See here the document.

District Four’s Kenny Wilson echoed Armstong, saying that drainage issues in his district needed attention.

Said Wilson, “One of the things is South Eighth Street – covering the ditches – there’s standing water.”

Mayo replied that “Any request that you come with, there has to be a funding mechanism. There’s not money falling from the sky.”

When Armstrong confronted Mayo with the document he had signed, he exploded into a tirade, even as Armstrong gaveled for order.

Ranted Mayo, “What I’m saying to you to, Mr. Chairman, I’ll say to the rest of you, we’re not going to allow a process to take place that has never taken place before. And you can take that to the bank!”

After Mayo’s fit, the council voted 3-1 against approving the budget amendment, with Armstrong, Blakes, and Wilson voting no, and Ezernack voting yes.

Worth Remebering

If Mayo continues with the attitude that he will spend taxpayer money when and how only he wants, he should consider that two North Louisiana mayors that used to think that way are now in jail.

12 Responses to “Mayo Didn’t Keep Word, Council Says”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    thats whats wrong now, he thinks he can do as he pleases…. and now he wants to move on up in the gov chain to spend more the way he wants

  2. Angie B. Says:

    Mayo is totally insane and stupid to be raising controversy during the biggest election of his life. He should be kissing babies and councilmembers not trying to throw them under the city bus that don’t work. Drunk Tank Tarver must be advising him again.

  3. Jim Brown Says:

    Jamie has destroyed the police department. According to Jamie the police are all racists.
    Jamie has destroyed transit. The buses are unsafe and broken.
    Jamie has destroyed the zoo. The zoo is a place for animals that he has mistreated by neglect.
    Jamie sunk the twin city queen.
    Jamie is a dictator and does not play well with the city council.
    Jamie lost State Farm and GM. He will loose Gardner Denver and Century Link.

    What else?

  4. Makenosense@all Says:

    Look what he did when they voted down the contract overseeing Transit the company is still there and running the transit system in the grounds…young lady got up in council meeting and said they only 5 buses are working and they are late and it’s getting worst…everything Mayo touches he destroys so 5th congressional district look out…he’s the only democrat and the other part of the district does not know his history…someone better step up or we will be out.

  5. Carl Says:

    Good thing Mayo pays the Chamber to like him as he is fast running out of friends. Blackie @ Century Tel is even beginning to think that his pet poodle Mayo is losing it. Remember and believe that if you think that Monroe has a prayer of a future: vote and send Mayo to Congress.

  6. DetroitCity Says:

    Monroe, Louisiana: another Democrat-managed city, being destroyed.
    Don’t worry about Mayo-naise: Mary Landrieu is paying him well to be on the ballot.

  7. bonomo Says:

    What is a No cost Public Court Records Scan?

  8. Tom Green Says:

    STATE v. ARMSTRONG ( Mayo’s half brother)
    NO. CR94-307.
    649 So.2d 683 (1994)
    STATE of Louisiana
    Freddie L. ARMSTRONG, Defendant-Appellant.

    Within minutes after the defendant ascended the stairs, Sergeant Hughie McDuffie and Officer John Smith of the Bastrop Police Department arrived at the scene. Sergeant McDuffie ordered Officer Womack to remain at the main entrance and await the arrival of additional law enforcement personnel. As Officer Womack maintained his post, the defendant reappeared down the stairs. With knife still in hand, he walked back into the office and kneeled down next to Reverend Neal’s body. As Officer Womack watched, the defendant lifted Reverend Neal’s head from the floor with his left hand, and using the knife in his right hand, severed the victim’s head from his body. The defendant then stood up with the victim’s head in his hands and held it up for the officer to see.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    This is some cray cray stuff up in here

  10. Dorothy Says:

    Mayo gets my vote after reading this. Can he leave town now?

  11. Catalina Says:

    Thanks so much! Which is really awesome to hear!

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