Lewis Gets Free Ride Back to Ruston City Council

District Three Alderman Jedd Lewis was the only City of Ruston incumbent who was unopposed for the Tuesday, November 4 election. The other four seats are contested, as is the race for mayor. Lewis was first elected in 2002.

In District One, incumbent Glenda Howard is challenged by Fred Blake and Carolyn Elmore-Cage. Howard served in that seat once before (from 1990 to 1994), and won the seat again in 2010.

District Two also has three candidates: incumbent Rosalind Jones, Sharon Hatter, and Angela Mayfield. Jones was recently appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late Elmore Mayfield.

District Four incumbent Jim Pearce is challenged by Judi Null. Pearce was first elected in 1998.

In District Five, Marie Riggs, incumbent since 2002, has two opponents: Bruce Siegmund, and Maurie White.

For Mayor, Bill Elmore and Ronny Walker have filed. Incumbent Dan Hollingsworth is retiring after serving four four-year terms.

2 Responses to “Lewis Gets Free Ride Back to Ruston City Council”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It concerns me some that the majority of real estate agent/property management types in Ruston is behind Ronny Walker. Look at where his signs are placed–their offices, their homes, their rental units, their properties for sale, plus numerous vacant lots. I wonder what he may promised them. I’d like to see him address this.

  2. Jim Green Says:

    I’m an idiot.

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