Lincoln Parish Fire District Board Meeting Tuesday

The Board of Commissioners of Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 will meet in regular session Tuesday, August 19, 6:00 PM, at the Vienna Station, 4786 Highway 167.

See here the agenda.

14 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Fire District Board Meeting Tuesday”

  1. MaybeNextTimeTheyWillListen Says:

    1. They do not need to hire a full-time chief. He would be under Civil Service, which makes him an expensive employee for life and you’re stuck with him.
    2. They do not need to expand the structures subject to the $72 annual fee, except perhaps fro a few commercial structures which numerically won’t make much difference in the scheme of things. Every country home has at least 2 or 3 outbuildings: garage, shop, etc. Send these folks a big bill and the fire dept. will be voted out of business next opportunity.
    Fact is: there is a limit to how much fire department the rural folks in Lincoln parish can afford, and we are about there now.
    Do what they do: make it best you can on what you have and get the stars out of your eyes.
    Watch them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You will not find anyone to take that job on a part-time basis. Someone may agree at first but once in the position they will not last long. It is a full-time position weather you like it or not.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Since its inception, every chief the department has had has been full time except for the interim chief there now.

    There are a number of structure that fall under the guidelines for pay a fee now that need to be added to the list. After all if I have to pay my fare share I want my neighbor to pay his also.

  3. MaybeNextTimeTheyWillListen Says:

    Best possible outcome: no chief.
    “We gotta have a chief; we gotta have a chief…” Bull.
    The first two chiefs did a great job, and left the system in great financial condition; a lot of that money has since been squandered and it cannot be replaced. Meanwhile most of the equipment is too old.
    Anyone who does not understand the economics of the situation needs to reconsider. Rural people can and will only pay so much. Jack the bills up and everything which comes up in an election will be voted out. Ruston voters cannot bail the fire system out because they cannot vote.
    Government is greedy and the forces pushing you to grow, increase spending, and increase income, are almost irresistible. But you have to resist. Taxation is by consent of the governed, and the fire system will rapidly lose consent. The debacle with the last chief and spending the equipment replacement fund on paid employees which people were originally promised were not going to be hired, has alerted the public to the goings-on in the system so they are watching.
    There is not any government function which could not “do better” if they had more money. You have to remember: there is not a family in Lincoln parish who could not live better if they had more money, either. Ultimately, it is their money first, not government’s.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You are right rural people can only pay so much. But is it fair for some of the rural people to subsadise others? I pay my taxes and appreciate the services I get. However I think everyone else should pay theirs too. Individual taxes would go down if everyone paid their fair share.

  5. Rip Says:

    Lincoln parish fire department Does not tax Multi unit housing per unit. This is a violation of their own rules and laws.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well the multi unit housing thing for one. Another example is where the assessor has missed some properties such as multiple mobile homes on the same lot. Finally I believe that poultry houses should pay a structure fee. After all if one catches on fire they are calling the district to put it out.

    • Anonymous Says:

      If it is a mobile home, or dwelling , I agree. But if you are gonna single out poultry houses, then it should apply to horse and cattle, and hay barns . What you are implying is unfair to the Poultry Grower’s. Heck , I know some Growers that would stand guard with a gun to prevent the fire department from putting out the Fire! That’s about the only way they’ll get them paid for !

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Have any of you calling for the abolishment of LPFD even compared the cost of the $72 yearly fee verses the rate increase that you will endure on your property insurance if it were abolished? I checked with my agent and you would see at minimum at 25% increase in property insurance premiums if the LPFD didn’t exist. None of us like paying taxes but some taxes are worth what they fund. I will gladly pay the $72/year verses a $250 increase in insurance premiums. I don’t like pay taxes but this one I would say I wont live with out. When you compare the actual numbers it’s a no brainer that the LPFD is worth every dollar.

  8. StopItAlready Says:

    Multi-unit housing is already covered. It is up to the Board, not the assessor. The assessor puts the structures on the tax roll for the $72 fee according to the instructions they get from the fire Board.

    We pay our $72 now; would you pay $500? That is what we are trying to avoid.

  9. StopItAlready Says:

    Anyway: who has called for “abolishment of the LPFD”? No one, as far as I can tell.
    You are overdefending.

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