Jackson Parish Rec Dept Cited by Auditor

The Jackson Parish Recreation Department’s audit for the year 2013 revealed a couple of issues – internal controls, and budgeting.

Condition – During our audit, we noted that for the years ending 2006 to 2013 concessions generated
an average annual loss of ($6,785).

Effect – The District may be losing revenues in the area of concession due to inadequate internal

Recommendation – The District should monitor inventory purchases, inventory safe keeping, and
concession sales to ensure that all funds have been accounted for.


Condition – Actual expenditures exceeded budgeted expenditures by more than the 5% variance
allowed. The 2013 budget was adopted March 18, 2013.

Cause – The Jackson Parish Recreation District does not have procedures to ensure that the budget is
approved and amended in compliance with state revised statutes.

Recommendation – It is recommended that the District institute procedures to ensure the budget is
adopted in a timely manner and amended whenever actual revenues are less than budgeted revenues
by more than 5% and/or actual expenditures are more than budgeted expenditures by more than the
5% allowed.

See here the complete audit.

Natchitoches’ Johnson Thomas & Cunningham, CPA performed the audit.


6 Responses to “Jackson Parish Rec Dept Cited by Auditor”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jackson Parish we can do better than this,try harder please.We have the best Parish in north Louisiana,so let’s keep it that way.

  2. Martin Ellis Says:

    Best parish is North La. ??? Best in what? Jobs? NO.. Education?? No. Opportunities?? NO. Leadership?? NO…. OK Help us out. Best in what Categories?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What do you want?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    may be you need to move

  5. sunrisesunset Says:

    Looks as though the director is not on top of his game.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This is a surprise and a disappointment. Most of us thought the Rec Department was the one thing in Jackson Parish that was doing a good job. Maybe this will open their eyes and they can correct it.

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