North Hodge Update – 8/13/14

UPDATE: North Hodge Assistant Police Chief Arrested; Two New Complaints Filed

By Nick Lawton – KTVE-TV10

UPDATE: The Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office says two more women have come forward with complaints against Coleman.

Sheriff Andy Brown says Coleman’s arrest was a result of a months-long investigation when the first complaint was called in to deputies two months ago.

Coleman had been working for North Hodge PD for two years.

Sheriff Brown said these women claimed Coleman would pull them over for a traffic stop, then have them follow him to the police dept. where he would lock them in a room and expose himself among other actions.

Sheriff Brown expects Coleman’s first appearance in court to be the first week of September.

At this time, Sheriff Brown could not confirm if Coleman has been suspended from the police dept. or not.

Sheriff Brown said North Hodge Police Chief Phillip Moffett is cooperating with deputies.


2 Responses to “North Hodge Update – 8/13/14”

  1. Oldman Says:

    When you have a village with two units writing speeding tickets this is what you get.North Hodge gets a very big part of their operating money from traffic tickets and this should not be allowed.When you have to write tickets to pay salary and other things,then you are ripe for police abuse,am I wrong?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, Oldman, ticket writing is the gateway activity to perve actions.

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