LPPJ Asks LA DOTD for Help on LA 33/Douglas Road Intersection

Lincoln Parish News Online

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) unanimously approved a resolution at last night’s meeting asking the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) to:

take action to provide greater safety to the motoring public and to minimize traffic accidents at the intersections of Louisiana Highway 33, Louisiana Highway 821 and Frasier Road in Lincoln Parish by means of additional signing or signaling to enhance motorist awareness to impending danger.

See here the document.

The issue was discussed during the Public Works Committee meeting.

District Eight’s Skip Russell, who was recently involved in an accident at that location, had some suggestions for LA DOTD.

Said Russell, “As you approach the hill (traveling north on Hwy 33), change the speed limit, reduce it to 45 rather than 55, until it gets past the other curve.” He added, “Put blinking lights up saying ‘dangerous intersection ahead’ on the north-south highway.”

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One Response to “LPPJ Asks LA DOTD for Help on LA 33/Douglas Road Intersection”

  1. Rip tells the truth Says:

    The state might would had the money, for Skips suggestions, if had paid Louisiana sales and use tax on his motorhome. The man who loves Louisiana and Lincoln parish licensed his motorhome in montana where is no sales tax. A pretty fair summit was.

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