Schales Louisiana Elementary Teacher of the Year

Tammy Schales, with husband Danny and daughters Lara and Ashlynne - 8/5/14

Tammy Schales, with husband Danny and daughters Lara and Ashlynne – 8/5/14

Louisiana Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2015, Tammy Schales, a fourth-grade teacher at Ruston Elementary, was recognized at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB). She was presented a plaque and cash stipend for her efforts.

In presenting the award, Achieve Coordinator Cathy Cox-Boniol noted that 91% of the students taught by Schales had improvements on their LEAP scores, and that her student’s reading scores had improved 50 points over a year’s time.

Schales said she had been blessed at Ruston Elementary with Principals Sonja Walker and Shavonne Garner-Price.

Said Schales, “(They) helped me convince a lot of fourth-grade children that they can read as well as anybody else.”

The board also heard from School Improvement Coordinator Donna Doss who reported on graduation rates for the district’s schools. Overall the district had rate of 85% of ninth-grade students who eventually graduated. Choudrant High School’s rate was 100%, it was noted.

The Building and Grounds Committee heard reports from Engineer Paul Riley and Architect Mike Walpole on projects at Choudrant High School and in the Ruston District.

Riley said that planning for the track project was progressing, and construction of the parking lot would soon bid. He also showed plans for the concession and storage area. He estimated completion in the Spring of 2015, weather permitting.

Walpole reported that projects at Hillcrest Elementary, I. A. Lewis, and Ruston Elementary would soon begin. Design and planning is already underway for the projects, which include new classrooms and traffic improvements.

The full board approved “substantial completion” of a couple of Ruston High School projects: The James Field turf and lighting, and the L. J. “Hoss” Garrett Stadium improvements.

Business Manager George Murphy gained approval for the revised 2013-2014 FY budget.

See here the documents.


2 Responses to “Schales Louisiana Elementary Teacher of the Year”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Thank you so much Tammy Schales,we need more like you.

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