Ordinances at Ruston City Council

There was discussion about ordinances at last night’s meeting of the Ruston City Council. One concerning “nuisance” vehicles was adopted, and another setting millage rates for 2014 property taxes was introduced.

City Attorney Bill Carter said the vehicle ordinance would provide an avenue for appeals for owners of designated nuisance vehicles.

Said Carter, “We’re amending our ordinance to provide the appeals for towing of nuisance vehicles would go directly to the Chief of Police.”

Carter noted that such vehicles are usually inoperable, add clutter to a neighborhood, can lure kids to play in them, and can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

See here the ordinance as adopted.

Also, an ordinance was introduced setting the property tax rates for 2014. The general alimony rate is 5.88 mils, and the tax rate for maintenance and operation of recreation facilities is 2.92 mils. Those rates are the same as for 2013.

See here the ordinance.


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