Former Jonesboro Councilmen Seek Election

Two former Town of Jonesboro Aldermen are seeking election to the positions they once held, according to their announcements in The Jackson Independent. Randy Layfield and Pete Stringer said that they are running for the District A and District C seats, respectively, in this November’s elections.

Both cited their experience as council members as qualifications.

Said Layfield, “Our town is in need of a council and mayor that can once again work together to make Jonesboro a place we can proudly call home.”

Stringer said, “As a former Councilman, I would use my experience in working with fellow board members and the Mayor to insure a better quality of life for all citizens of the Town of Jonesboro.”

District A is now served by Sam Lamkin, and District C’s incumbent is Charla Mason-Melton.

41 Responses to “Former Jonesboro Councilmen Seek Election”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Mayor, Vote Holden
    District C, Vote Stringer
    District A, Vote Layfield

  2. JustMe Says:

    Mayor – there’s only one who will help the total Town of Jonesboro – Mike Holder. And as far as these two Councilmen – they’re both far and above what’s in District A and C now! Everybody GO VOTE.

  3. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Vote early and vote often. It is the Democrat way.

  4. sunrisesunset Says:

    Should Mike Holder become Mayor and Layfield and Stringer win seats on the council, I surely believe City Hall could rise out of the abyss that Ol’ Les created along with his inept councilmen. Maybe Jonesboro will see “restoration” in the crystal ball. What a great day that would be.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    yeah keep dreaming, Mike would make an excellent mayor, but he doesn’t have a chance in the world.

    • Me Says:

      We hope you are wrong for Jonesboro’s sake. I think Jonesboro will make a better town now after this is behind us.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      No one dreaming. Do you have reliable insight as to whom actually will win? No, and neither does anyone else. Last votes will make that determination.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    sunrisesunset what change you aint drinking the renee koolaid anymore

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Looking for the “strongest” link. That would be Holder. Question answered?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    There will be more voters change from Renee now. Renee needs to drop out and get behind a candidate that can win.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I think you are right. However, if one of the white’s should drop out, I am not sure the other would be able to win. If Bradford (James) still runs, I expect to see him win……probably all the black vote……they will vote in droves. And, Bradford may get some white votes. Of the two whites running, I think Holder will be the stronger of the two.

  8. Oldman Says:

    We need someone who cares about our town.

  9. Poll Watcher Says:

    Renee gets 7% of vote at the most. Holder gets 35% Bradford gets 58%, as of today’s poll. Who wants to bet??????

    • Oldman Says:

      You might be right,I hope not.Bradford,will make the best black candidate by far,I also think he’ll do right for Jonesboro more so than any other candidate except Holder.Bradford has a lot of contacts that he can call on for help and Holder has more of a business sense to keep the town running with the money we have.
      Ill put my money on Holder,I think he’s the man to straighten this mess out. Vote for holder.

      • David Says:

        why do you keep referring to candidates according to race. True sign of a racist. Bradford is a man, not a “black man”. He is an American. I have known James for several years, worked with him at the Mill. I did not always agree with James, but James did what he thought was best for the company and community. I never knew him to make a decision because someone was “black” or “white”. I also know Mike Holder and know him to be an honest man. Either of these two should do a good job with a supportive council. At this point I will cast my vote for Bradford. Not that it matters, but for you, oldman, who seems to put a lot of weight on race, I am white and male.

        • JustMe Says:

          I disagree with you. I too, worked with James at the mill. He always did what was in HIS best interest and looked out for the BLACK people first. It was almost like he was trying to buy their approval. I know he has not always been popular with a lot of the blacks. I do not think James will put Jonesboro first. I think if he wins the election, he will use the office to feed his need for power. His ego is above the good of Jonesboro – doesn’t matter if it’s in the black or white populace. Mike Holder, in my opinion, is the ONLY qualified candidate and if the people (all) don’t elect him, it will not get much better for anyone here. Mike will do a good job for all and is a very honest, Godly, and trustworthy man.

          • JustMe Says:

            And btw, I’m white and male also!

          • David Says:

            Agree that Holder will make a good mayor. I do disagree with your assessment of Bradford. I did not see that part of him, but you aren’t the first to disagree with me concerning him. Time will tell. Let’s hope and pray whomever becomes mayor, they pray and seek guidance from the Almighty. Still a big mess to clean.

        • Oldman Says:

          Bradford is a black man until he calls himself a American.He is not a American as long as he calls himself a African American ,it is not the same.You live in America,you are an American no if’s ands or buts.Bradford looks after himself first,the black race second and the town of Jonesboro last,you can bet your last dollar on that.
          The black race until it calls itself an American is still The Race from Africa.I’m not a racist,just the truth.
          Bradford has made a living saying yes to big business interest and telling the black race what big business wanted them to hear.Will he change , I doubt it,not until he calls himself a American and not a African American.
          People this is America,too many people died making it a great country,let’s keep it that way.
          Have a good day.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Are you personally acquainted with Bradford? Be truthful.

          • Anonymous Says:

            P.S. African american is a race. I am a caucasion. Does that make me not a true american when I put that on some form that wants me to state my race?

          • David Says:

            I am as proud to be Irish American as Bradford is to be African American. Nothing wrong with either.

  10. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I’m putting my money on the socialist. There is a socialist running, right?

    • Oldman Says:

      Fowler,what do you think of the mess on the Texas and Mexico border?What do you think ought to be done with all the illegal crossings?What is your opinion of our President now? I haven’t heard from you in a while,you are not sick are you?

      • ronnie reagan Says:

        There you go again. S.T.F.U. That has nothing to do with “Former Jonesboro councilmen seek election”

        • B Obama Says:

          Yes sir mister,yes sir yes sir I won’t do it again,I’m sorry I won’t do it again

        • Oldman Says:

          Mr. Reagan,do not tell me to shut the (S.T.F.U.)please.

          The last time I looked the U.S.A. Was a free country ,so plesae if you don’t like what I say you have two choices

          No.1 keep your mouth shut
          No.2 ask me in a nice way and I will honor your request
          Do not go around telling people to shut the S.T.F.U.
          That’s not very nice

  11. Anonymous Says:

    doesnt electid peeples have to resign before they cans run for office

  12. Oldman Says:

    Mr. Fowler move back to Jonesboro and run for Mayor,please.

  13. Oldman Says:

    Guess who the welfare parasites will vote for.I’m not talking about the people who truly need welfare to put food on the table,these people will vote to better themselves.I’m talking about the welfare parasites who think they are getting ahead by stealing welfare entitlement money.If you get entitlement money for Not working,then it’s stealing,anyway you look at it. I mean if you’re able to work and support your family and don’t ,then you are stealing some tax payers money,money that could be spent on something useful.Folks there needs to be some entitlement culling,work or go hungry comes to mind.
    Have a good day

  14. Help Jonesboro Says:

    Mike Holder is the best person for the job. All the people need to get out and vote and pass the word or you will have Renee as your mayor.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      It will more than likely be Bradford in any situation! There are a lot of whites that are just too lazy to vote, or they just do not care who the mayor is. Still holding out for Holder though. I believe he is an honest man that will help Jonesboro come back to life again.

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