OPPJ Reviews Audit

Monday night, the Ouachita Parish Police Jury (OPPJ) reviewed their audit for 2013, and were told that overall, it was a good report.

Asked if there was “anything we’re doing wrong?”, Huffman & Soignier’s Francis Huffmain said “No one’s doing everything perfect.” He went on to say that there was nothing found that materially affected the organization.

Like the Jackson Parish Police Jury’s (JPPJ) audit, the OPPJ report cited the lack of reporting on the parish’s “component units.” However, in an interview with LPNO, Huffman said that this was nothing to be alarmed about, and that the financials of the jury itself were completely in order and rated an “unmodified opinion.” While the component unit agencies are related to jury operations, those entities are independent as far as financial reporting goes, and must undergo their own independent audits, Huffman said.

That condition also prevails at the JPPJ – that agency’s financials also rated an “unmodified opinion.” Our story earlier this week did not make that distinction.

In other business, the jury heard from the Stubbs Vinson Neighborhood Group regarding the building of an adolescent addiction center home in the area, which is east of Swartz.

The jury’s legal adviser had told the group that as the parish has no zoning authority, there was nothing that could be done from that standpoint. Parish Engineer Kevin Crosby said that the proposed construction met all the requirements for area drainage, sewer systems, and traffic flow.

One Response to “OPPJ Reviews Audit”

  1. NeverTrustGovernment Says:

    what’s so scary about an adolescent addiction center? Probably a fourth of the homes with teens have similar issues anyway. an the government is trying breathlessly to legalize drugs all the time.
    Sad to say…

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