I-20 Frontage Road Completion Nine Months Away

The Interstate 20 Service Road between Sparks Nissan and Milhaven Road won’t be complete for another nine months, engineer Ron Haisty last week told a Thursday afternoon meeting of the Interstate 20 Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors.

Said Haisty, “I was told by one of the engineers at DOTD Tuesday that it was supposed to advertise (for construction) yesterday on Wednesday.” Asked how long construction would be, he added, “With all the railroad and everything, I would say nine months.

There is about thirty feet of roadway left to build, but it involves turn lanes at Millhaven Road and signal installation.

The board also voted to declare the remainder of the road “substantially complete.” There was considerable discussion about the issue of cracking of the concrete curbs, but it was noted that the construction was done in accordance with the plans and specifications, and that the plans had been approved by the city engineer.

The board deferred action on a request for $600 thousand from Delta Community College. Delta wants the money as a match to go with state capital outlay funds to be used for construction.

One of the requirements of the matching funds is that the money be raised from private sources, so it is unclear how I-20 would qualify, as the source of those funds is sales taxes.

See here the enabling legislation, ACT 360.

Each project set forth below shall require a no less than twelve percent private match. No project shall be financed until all private funds are available for that project.


2 Responses to “I-20 Frontage Road Completion Nine Months Away”

  1. Skip Says:

    so true and what does this community college have to do with economic development. this is like giving money to the airport. the press made a big deal to blame the city council for this road opening delay. Cole Avery was promoted for his reporting he is a joke.

  2. Bessy Roberson Says:

    I-20 taxes is definitely not private funds. I-20 taxes for Delta Community College is not economic development purposes. No. No.

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