Laird to Remain @ RHS

Billy Laird, Ruston High School (RHS) Athletic Director and former Head Coach of the football team, will remain AD for the foreseeable future, instead of retiring as had been announced. He will assume some additional duties as an Assistant Principal.

Reportedly, a replacement for Laird had been tagged for the job, but an illness in the family prompted the prospect to not relocate at this time.

Said District Seven’s Trott Hunt at last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB), “I had heard several comments from folks at Ruston High about what an excellent job he (Laird) had done in the last year, and participated, and was a vital part. I know this wasn’t quite according to our plan, but I applaud the administration for being flexible, and considering what the folks there wanted to do.”

During the Building & Grounds Committee meeting, Architect Mike Walpole reported on the progress of construction at Cypress Springs Elementary School. Walpole said the project was on schedule for completion “about this time next year.”

Also, Walpole reported that the artificial turf project at RHS was substantially complete.

The Finance Committee discussed the new compensation plan for non-certificated employees, and it was approved by the full board. Overall cost of the plan was said to be about $300 thousand.

In approving the the 2014/2015 budget for the Lincoln Parish Sales and Use Tax Commission, mention was made of the significant capital expenditure for the year. Retiring administrator Jerry Moore said they had budgeted to buy a vehicle for the office, as they had been using their personal vehicles for the past twenty years.

In giving the financial report, Business Manager George Murphy said that the the $900 thousand plus increase in sales taxes for the year was about double the amount that had been projected.

June 2014 Sales Taxes

The 5/31/14 Financial Statement showed a fund balance of about $38.1 million, compared to about $38.9 million on 4/30/14, and about $39 million on 5/31/13.


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