Homer Audit Shows Many Problems

The Town of Homer’s latest audit has many adverse findings, in addition to a lack of financial data for the town’s hospital. Wrote Shreveport CPA Marsha Millican:

The financial statements referred to above do not include financial data for the Town’s legally separate component unit. Homer Memorial Hospital, which accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America require to be reported with the financial data of the Town’s primary government.

Among the findings:

Customer utility accounts are not properly reconciled and managed

Vendor payments are not made on a timely basis

The Town made payments to organizations without a cooperative endeavor agreement in place.

Minutes of the Board of Selectmen were not published in a timely basis.

The Town is not in compliance with the Local Government Budget Act.

Traffic violations were not reported to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety as required by law

Monthly reports to the Municipal Retirement System and the Municipal Police Retirement System were not filed on time nor paid on time for eleven months

See here the complete audit.

Last March, Mayor Alicia Smith was arrested and accused of malfeasance.


19 Responses to “Homer Audit Shows Many Problems”

  1. PleaseHelpMe Says:

    People: you don’t just run for these offices and get elected to be a Big Shot: you need to tend to business. This is pitiful. if you can’t do the work, there are people in state government who will be glad to help you; in fact, there are probably professionals in the community who can help you figure it out, and would probably be glad to help, if you will listen and try to do the right thing.
    Just having good intentions is not enough: follow the law so the results do not depend on good intentions for success.

  2. Oldman Says:

    Most of the people left in these small towns are on some kind of govt.entitlement ,so what do you get?If they are not able to get and keep their house in order how do expect them to be able to be good stewards of a small town? They will operate a town just like they operate their house,spend until there’s no more money and then expect the Federal Govt,to bail them out. This has to stop one way or another.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Stay out of Homer’s business of which you know nothing. Just blast the poor and down trodden and that covers it as far as you are concerned. People of Homer, this idiot is from Jonesboro. Pay him no mind.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Mr. oldman I have two children and a wife. I have a high school education and I am willing to work hard. I need a better job so I can provide for my family better. I don`t expect a lot, Just enough to feed, clothe,provide medical care, and shelter for my family. I can`t do that with the ten dollar an hour job I now have. Can you please point me toward a better job? I am at a friend`s house using his computer because I don`t have the money for internet or computer. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I am waiting for your advice oldman.

        • Oldman Says:

          There’s jobs all over this country wanting GOOD HARD workers.My grandson is working construction making $30.00 an hour plus$125.00 a day per diem with an high school education.Jobs are begging in north Dakota paying a whole lot more,quit complaining do what it takes go to work and amount to something. By the way he works 7 days a week most weeks,always 6 days a week,at least 12 hrs a day sometimes more. Are you a man or a boy? Quit crying you can do better.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Obama`s policies are working good then. Thanks for the encouraging advice.

            • Oldman Says:

              I did not say obumas policies were working.they are far from working for everybody. Because of obuma most people don’t think they have to work12/7,they want to work 30or40hrs and then have a new home,a new car, boat,a new motorcycle,at least two weeks vacation,sick leave,all kinds insurance and at least two hrs break every day.if they don’t get this they will sign up for all govt. Entitlements and not work at all. People want everything given to them without working,what I’m saying is people do not want to work,they want it given to them. People,being lazy is not going to get it,you’ll die poor withnothingto show for it,but a sorry ass.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Just wondering. Does your wife draw spousal benefits from social security? If she does, she didn`t work for them. Maybe you draw spousal benefits.

                • Oldman Says:

                  My wife worked for close to 35 years so she has her own social security and medi-care. We have never drawn food stamps or any govt. Intitlement.In my working life I have drawn I think about 8 weeks unemployment checks,the checks were for about $75.00 a week,that is all.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Try the oil fields south of San Antonio. They are hiring all the time. Only problem is that when you turn the water on at the sink and strike a match, the water catches fire.

        • Anonymous Says:

          I have a question for you Donald, when you came home to Jonesboro recently, what form of transportation did you take ? Cause if it was any other than a bicycle , you need to keep your effing mouth shut about the oil field !

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            The brave do not hide behind the anonymity of the word “anonymous.” Cowards do., So, mister coward, I will answer your question about how I got home to Jonesboro – I flew in a 1927 bi-plane piloted by Snoopy. He did encounter the Red Baron several times but was able to maneuver about and got behind him and shot him down over Crockett, Texas. We were able to land at the Jonesboro International Air Port without incident. Out return trip to San Antonio was by World War II vintage German motorcycle with a side car. It was bumpy but served the purpose and got us home safely. Now for you, I need to know why worthless slime like you have the nerve to tell me “to keep your effing mouth shut about the oil field.” The fracking has cause a major problem with the water people use – it smells and act like gas, catching fie when put to the match. There are jobs in those oil field and I was attempting to help the man looking for a job. You anonymous piece of contaminated garbage, don’t ever tell me to keep my mouth shut. You need to acquaint yourself with the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and best of al you little coward, you need to be brave and use your own name.

          • Oldman Says:

            Really now how many people think we need to shut down all of these fracking oil wells,if we do I think we ought to get ready for $6.00 to $8.00 gasoline.what do you want? It’s headed to $4.00 gal or better now.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              Come out to San Antonio and I will personally drive you to the oil fields where the fracking is taking place and challenge you to drink the water after you smell it. I don’t smoke so I will buy you a lighter so you can fire up one of the water outlets at any home you chose. Seeing water burn is really amazing. Chicken Little, gas prices will not hit $8.00 a gallon in our lifetime. Stop being an alarmist. Which field does your son work in? Texas or North Dakota? They are having the same problem in both places.

  3. eyesonyou Says:

    they go into office with the mindset to steal all they can from the taxpayer. Lets be truthful. LOOK AT THE ONES WHO DO THIS. wHAT DO YOU SEE?

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