Jonesboro City Council Last Night

The Town of Jonesboro’s Board of Aldermen met last night in a special called meeting that lasted slightly less than an hour, and included a 25 minute executive session.

The closed session was called to discuss personnel issues regarding a department head. However, no action was taken in the session, nor was any taken afterwards.

Several issues were taken care of that had been deferred at the last meeting.

An resolution was adopted to abandon an alleyway, an appraisal is pending on land that the Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation wants to sell back to the town, and Fiscal Administrator Ken Folden presented an amended 2013-2014 and projected 2014-2015 budget.

Folden also presented the council an engagement agreement with J. Walker & Company for the town’s annual audit.

District B’s Renee Stringer had questions of Town Attorney Doug Stokes regarding a couple of pending criminal cases with the town.

Stokes said that since he’s the town’s attorney, he is recused from the cases and cannot report on them. Stokes said the cases had been assigned to another prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office. Stokes also serves as an assistant DA.

Stringer also asked Police Chief Wesley Horton about a town backhoe that had been reported stolen. Horton said he was not aware of the case.

Finally, the town’s redistricting is proceeding as planned, Folden reported.


94 Responses to “Jonesboro City Council Last Night”

  1. Oldman Says:

    Was the backhoe stolen or not? What a town ,nobody knows what is going on? Where would this town be today if Mr. Folden hadn’t come on board? We need to get rid of the whole mess and start over.Renee doesn’t need to be Mayor if she can’t keep up with things as big as a backhoe and the council needs to go with her,every one.
    Have they found a new Public Works Director yet?

    • Says:

      Hello,oldman u don’t know what u talking about.

    • Remember Says:

      The trackhoe was stolen from Atmos which is located next to the public works office. It was recovered in Winnfield. Several months later.

      • Oldman Says:

        And it was not the towns backhoe after all,funny,she didn’t even know who’s backhoe it was,I guess if it’s parked in Jonesboro it belongs to Jonesboro.It’s the Democrat attitude

        • David Says:

          Don’t label her attitude as a “democrat attitude”. Ignorance is not limited to one political party. It just so happens that most of the ding bats happen to belong to the democratic party. oh and it is whose not who’s!!!

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Stump Jumper, your comment isn’t worth a reply. Good night and may your arm pits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels (got to live up to my Bob Hope image someone tagged me with earlier today). May an Arab extend his left hand in greeting and you accept it.

          • Donald Mark Fowler Says:

            You’re too ignorant to even tell a joke, without butchering it ! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch, and may your arms be to short to scratch !

          • David Says:

            Don’t believe anyone asked you to reply, you arrogant piece of goat s**t. Go play with other posts and do me the honor of ignoring mine.

    • I would bet it was stolen Says:

      Oldman, please know that when a woman asks a man a question, she already knows the answer. This is “for the record”.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    as for the property, shouldnt the town buy it back at same price it sold it to simmons at? I doubt the value has went up.

    • A waste of time Says:

      Why would the town even consider to buy it back? If Simmons doesn’t want it, let him put it up for sale.

  3. Jennie Frickie Says:

    I doubt the value has gone up. Did you go to school or are you totally uneducated?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      If the town does pay more than the original price, they need to be lined up and shot. This was not an investment for Simmons to make money off of. It’s my understanding that the grant money would go back to the receiving organization and they would use it as they see fit. The money does not belong to Simmons. At least that is my understanding of the issue. My feeling is that the perjury charge against his wife affected his deal with the hotel and the Simmons duo got the DA to hide the court docket and now are trying to get the grant money back. Just my thought but I do, and will always believe, that money changed hands in this little shenanigan.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, JF, Do you go to school or do you take your lunch?

    • JF Says:

      I am certainly more educated than you. At least I know not to end a sentence with “at” or say ‘the value has went up”.

      • Anonymous Says:

        went: verb which is the simple past tense of go

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        You are correct. It should have been “I doubt (that) the value has gone up.”

      • Anonymous Says:

        gone [gawn, gon]
        past participle of go1 .
        departed; left.
        lost or hopeless.
        that has passed away; dead.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Have no earthly idea what you are talking about and neither do you. The infinitive form is GO, like I GO TO THE STORE EVERY DAY. The past tense is WENT like I WENT TO THE STORE YESTEDAY. The past participle requires a helping verb like:. I DOUBT (THAT) THE VALUE OF THE LAND HAS GONE UP. You probably say I SEEN YOU DOWN TOWN YESTERDAY. I taught English for 8 years and I was (and still am) a damn good teacher. Apparently you didn’t pay attention in class when they were discussing the principal parts of verb. SEE – SAW -HAVE SEEN.

          • Oldman Says:

            There you go tooting your own horn again. Remember what I said about telling people how great you are,they already know.

            • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

              Me saying that I was a damn good teacher sounds a lot better than “I’m a 9th grade drop-out.” Is this what you call the “democrat way,” Stump Jumper?

              • Oldman Says:

                dmf I don’t go around telling everybody how great I am,I don’t have to.It seems you have to tell everybody your greatness but I think everybody in Jonesboro all ready know just how great you really are.You are always asking questions here’s one,what is the real reason you left Jonesboro after 10 years? I bet you thought you were better than the people here or the people saw you for what you really are,nothing. Is that the reason you left?

                • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

                  I doubt if you can understand why I left but I will try to make it simple. In 1979 one could see that Jonesboro was on a downward spiral and it gave the appearance of still being stuck in the 1930s. After having seen the outside world I wished to go back to it. So in 1989 when a home near my brother-in-law went up for sale, we bought it (value $330,000) and I have been happy ever since. Paid cash for it, by the way. At the time I was golfing at every opportunity and a group of teachers where I worked enjoyed golfing also so we informally formed the Kirby Lousy Golfers Association and played many of the courses in the area (within a short distance of San Antonio and Austin there are more than 50 first rate courses). In Louisiana I was obligated to pay a state income tax; not in Texas As a Louisiana teacher my salary never exceeded $12,000; in Texas (as head of the history department my salary was over $54,000 a year. Less than three miles from my home is SAMMC (San Antonio Military Medical Center, the best, by far, military hospital in the United States. Within thirty miles are the civilian hospital where I am treated for the cancer. San Antonio is alive 24 hours 7 days a week whereas in Jonesboro the roll up the sidewalks at dusk. I didn’t leave Jonesboro for any reason associated with any group of people. I just left. because I wanted to (and for the extra money). Not once in my life have I ever said that I was better than anyone nor have I ever given into the idea that there are people better than I. Now you know why I moved to San Antonio. My house sits on one acre of land (in Terrell Hills) and some of my neighbors are rather famous – Tommy LeeJones, the actor, lives on the next street over and three block up the hill (never have met him but see him stores frequently. If someone thinks that I am nothing, that is their opinion but right now I am typing to you in my two room library (which is about 30 yards from the main house). In the small room is where all of my computers are located and all of my books about my family history. In the other room are several thousand books that I have collected over the years and that I have read. Most of them are about American history. Only one of my neighbors is a liberal democrat and the rest are republicans with one tea bagger. We have monthly get togethers and politics is always a big subject but we are friends and what is said is always received in a civil manner no matter how heated our arguments get. Before breaking up for the night we always schedule our next night out, Now you know more about Donald Marion Fowler than yu should. Adios, Stump Jumper. I am better educated than you but I don’t hold that against. It was your parents fault that you quit school at the first opportunity.

                  • Oldman Says:

                    Without looking hard I found one lie right off the bat,you said that you have never said you were better than anyone else. Well you are always saying how much more smarter you are than anyone else,how you live ,the big house,the big library,about the income you’ve got against what some poor sucker in Jonesboro,about being able to leaveJonesboro and buying a $350,000 house and paying cash,man that says what you think about the poor man and how much better you are than him.there are zillions of people that’ll trade places with you,tell me you are not saying you’re not better than someone else by getting on here and bragging about what you’ve got over someone else.
                    Instead of being part of the solution you are part of what’s wrong with Jonesboro by leaving and not trying to help turn things around in Jonesboro.but no you run off and then all you can say about Jonesboro is how bad the town is being run.If the people like would stay here and fight for our town and work for the town instead of working against it,we have a town now instead of what we’ve got.So you are part of the problem.
                    I don’t think you are a good teacher,I don’t even think you should be allowed to be a teacher at all with your stinking attitude.P
                    Im going to give you some good advice,quit being so cocky,being a know it all,talking bad about people and a lot of other things.Heed my word I will not say it again,your attitude stinks mighty bad,kind of like a streetwalker on sat nite,get my drift?
                    Have a good day dmf

          • Anonymous Says:

            Yikes, you taught English? I have several times destroyed entire rants of yours as complete illiteracy. All you did was curse in response, Mr. Eloquent.

          • Oldman Says:

            dmf,do you have proof of your being a good teacher?Or is it you saying so,teaching English for eight years is not long enough to find out what kind of teacher you really are,I would like to talk with about ten or twelve students my pick from over the eight years you taught .I would like to talk with five or six of your peers also,I bet we would get a different story then.I’m talking to you dmf.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        JF, see my comment below (8:40). Anonymous got so tangled up that in his 7:21 that he called GONE an adjective.

        • Anonymous Says:

          You are wrong .Check a dictionary. GONE can be used as a verb or adjective. You owe your former students an apology.

          • Oldman Says:

            dmf,don’t tell me that one of your old students called you down on something,now tell everybody that one of your old students is smarter than you.come on everybody is listening let’s see if you pay him his apology or not

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            I make no apologies. I admit that I was wrong on this one. But there are no apologies. It is a weak sentence to say It was a gone cause. A much stronger (and intelligent usage) sentence would be It was a lost cause. Oldman, you are using words and sentences like your alter ego John Boy.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Yet sadly, you don’t know that your period needs to go inside your quote marks. And you don’t know that prepositions on the end are not always wrong. This old illustration makes the point: This is the kind of nonsense up with which I will not put.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I guess the town has plenty of money now. I saw the fire chief riding around McDonalds and then go up cedar street around 9 pm last night. ( there wasn’t no fire ).

    • JF Says:

      Your grammar is deplorable.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Classic double negative. Should have been THERE WAS NO FIRE.

      • JF Says:

        Thank you. I have no patience with people who can neither write nor speak the English language correctly.

      • John Boy Says:

        Sounds like a couple old english teachers sitting in rocking chairs trying to grade peoples every day English. Their life must be really boring
        Mr. Fowler seems like you have made a small improvement in your English,sounds good and please keep it that way.I’m scared you are going to run the oldman off with that crappy talk of yours.Don’t do that. I’ll be listening in.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Instead of “their life” it should be “their lives.”

          If someone could get the Oldman off this blog, we could have meaningful discussions about the topic of the blog. However, Oldman posts under several names and I just might be talking to him right now.

          My life is never boring for only boring people get bored.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    For Donald Marion Fowler (the obama loving camel jockey ) A devout Arab Muslim entered a black cab in London. He curtly asked the
    cabbie to turn off the radio because as decreed by his religious
    teaching, he must not listen to music because “In the time of the
    prophet there was no music, especially Western music which is the music
    of the infidel.”
    The cab driver politely switched off the radio, stopped the cab and
    opened the door.
    The Arab Muslim asked him, “What are you doing?”
    The cabbie answered, “In the time of the prophet there were no taxis,
    so get your ass out and wait for a camel!”

  7. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    That was a good one. Really enjoyed it. Got any more? Keep them simple so that Oldman can understand them.

  8. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Stump Jumper, the subject of this blog is about personnel matters (held behind closed doors); Ken Folden presenting an amended 2013-2014 budget and a projected 2014-2015 budget; the GNLCDC wanting to sell the land back to the town that Simmons bought; Renee had questions pending criminal cases but Stokes could not answer them because he one of the Assistant DA’s. You were the first to comment on this blog and it was way off subject, something about a backhoe and how Renee couldn’t be mayor if she could not keep up with something as big as a backhoe. Your second comment was also about the backhoe. Then you attacked me for, as you say it, “tooting my own horn.” Then you railed about me for correcting a person’s grammar, telling people how great I was. You asked me why I left Jonesboro and I told you and that brought on your last rant that I should have stayed and help solve Jonesboro’s problems and how I trash poor people (didn’t understand that).

    My house is not large – two bedrooms and a bath and a half, living room, kitchen, den, and garage. It was built in 1935 by a Nazi (I crawled up into the attic and found all sorts of Nazi stuff [now don’t go getting the idea that I am a Nazi]); I have a red barn and a large green house and a one-bedroom guest cottage that we built in 1994. My library is 16 feet by 20 feet and was built and paid for by the paltry $7,200 that I got from the Winn Parish School system when I left.

    You bragged some time ago about owning 200 acres of land. Don’t want to sound as though I am bragging but that’s just a little more than half of what I own. My timber manager tells me that there is a possibility that he will be scheduling a cut in August so my $14.27 bank account might rise to $14.28.

    In your rants (and that is what they are) about entitlements you are always saying that the people who get these benefits are lazy no good people and around 15% would die if their entitlements were cut off and you even said (very recently) that with all of the dead people that would create a new job – truck driver hauling bodies.

    I worked for what I have – 40 years and 7 years for the city of San Antonio after I retired. I moved from Jonesboro because there is no opportunity for advancement there. Quit school and go to work at McDonalds or graduate and go to work at Southern Classic Chicken (my favorite of all chicken places) or graduate and go to college. I don’t know the percentage of Jonesboro students who go off to college and graduate but I know that it is has to be a small percentage.

    I left Jonesboro because there were no opportunities for anything. I express my concerns about Jonesboro on this blog in an effort to help the town get out of the fix it finds itself now. I will bet you any amount that you wish to put up that most of the same people who are causing the problems now will be reelected if they choose to run and this blog will be full of the same types of comments you find it it today.

    And there will always be a misguided, misinformed 9th grade drop out dumping the problems on “those democratic socialist liberals.”

  9. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Stump Jumper, I forgot to ask how did you come to know how a Saturday night whore smells at the end of her shift. I’m beginning to worry about you. First you find Blanche Shows sexy and now you are bringing Saturday night whores into the discussion. That’s not good for an alleged Christian. Maybe it’s those democratic socialist liberals that are clouding your judg ment. You know how bad they can be.

    • John Boy Says:

      Fowler,not a curse word nowhere ,I’m not sure if it is you or somebody else writing this.thanks

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        It is my belief that you are OLDMAN in an attempt to fool people. I may be wrong but I don’t think so. Too many similarities in their writing. I was hoping for a response from Oldman re: my last post. I guess he is out checking to see how Saturday night whores smell (you know where) and is too busy sniffing to respond Prove to me that you aren’t Oldman with your real name. I am waiting..

    • John Boy Says:

      Dmf is that really you writing this?I hope so keep it up and everything will be ok I hope.Keep me up on anything you hear and I will do likewise.So far everything is mighty quite,but it will start to heat up soon.We have to do everything in our power to straighten things out for the best for the sake of our town.

  10. Oldman Says:

    John Boy,I believe it’s Fowler after all.I hope so to.Cats got my tongue and I can’t say a word,o well I’ll talk later.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Use one name, Oldman, for you are not fooling anyone. I hereby declare that you are John Boy. Look at all of the similarities in style. Good night OldJohnManBoy!

  11. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    More similarities. Gotta be Oldman trying to trick us.

  12. Oldman Says:

    Good morning Mr.Donald

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Ahh! The worm gets the early bird. Would like to see you responding to some of the questions that I have asked but getting you to do that would be like trying to push a bowling ball through a straw. Have you heard anything about DA Jonathan Stewart and the missing court docket? Are they going to charge Cottonham with other things related to the rape that occurred in his house? Has your sweetheart Blanche Shows said anything about local news or is she still bashing the president? What about the water situation in Jonesboro? Are they having any luck finding out who is connected but not paying? Where are all of those lies that I have told? What are people saying about me (be specific please and honest)? You haven’t responded to my post of 06/22/2014/4:09pm. Why not? My great-granddaughter starts her swimming lessons today so I will be absent for a few hours. She can already swim the length of the pool next door so she should do alright, just like a Fowler. Suggestion: stop using that John Boy name or improve your grammar so the two of you don’t sound and write in the same manner.

  13. Oldman Says:

    No news as I don’t get to town often,have heard no rumors I can repeat without giving away the peoples names.
    As far as the lies you have told ,there so many I don’t were to start or have the time to do it.
    As far as Blanche goes, she is still writing some mighty fine articles.
    The water payments will always be a problem until the water system does something about it. The system I’m on turns your water off after the 2nd month for non payment,no if’s and’s or but’s.Then you have to pay up plus $30.00 to turn back on.The $30.00 is to pay for labor and expenses of turning off and then coming back to turn on.
    Like I said I haven’t be to town so I haven’t heard anything bad about you,but if I did I bet you it wouldn’t be all good not even half.
    As far as Your great grand daughter,I bet she should be real good as kids are a lot more smarter than we were. As far as she being a lot like you,I hope not,I wouldn’t wish that on any little pretty girl. She will do fine.It must be the other side of the family as I think she didn’t get her good looks from the likes of you,but you’ll take all the credit I’m sure.
    John Boy and Oldman are not the same one,I have no idea were John Boy came from. There have been some Oldman posts that were not mine also.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      OldJohnManBoy, I don’t believe that you and he are not the same person. Too many similarities in the grammar and punctuation parts of your comments.

      So, you don’t live in town and are an outside like me and you have the gall to suggest that I keep out of the town’s affairs. I guess that I could suggest that you do the same. I would suggest that you don’t repeat rumors like an old washerwoman You don’t have to use names when repeating rumors – you just report that someone said that he was a no good, lying whatever. See, no names were used. .Living close to Jonesboro is sort of like horseshoes – close don’t count.

      You can continue to sing the praises of Blanche “Lois Lane” Shows but no one is listening. Her column on D-Day, which I have in front of me now, did not pay proper homage to the hundreds from Jackson Parish that served in World War II. I know that it was 7 June 1944 but others in Jackson Parish were fighting in the Pacific in battles just as fierce as D-Day and her piece could have honored them. She mentioned a brother-in-law of hers that was wounded and required lengthy hospitalization. Well, I had an uncle (Shelby Atlee Fowler) who was shot down over the Sea of Japan two days after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and one day before the second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. For eight days he and his crew floated in the sea before being rescued by the Japanese who took them to a prisoner of war camp where they were tortured and starved. Later, they were put on truck and taken to Hiroshima to show them what the American had done. The prisoners were exposed to high levels of radiation and my uncle died on 29 June 1972 from leukemia which was caused by the radiation. Just so ypu don’t call this a lie, read about in the book “Courage Beyond the Blindfold: The Last P.O.W.’s of World War II.”

      I can give you a little help with the lies part – start with the last one that I told and work backwards. You will find no lies in my comments.

      What in the blue blazed do you mean when you say “I haven’t been to town so I haven’t heard anything bad about you, but if I did I bet you it wouldn’t be all good, not even half.” That’s more like and admission that you tend to make things up about me and that is why you can’t remember the lies I have told. When you tell the truth it is not necessary to remember what you said but if you tell a lie you always have to remember it so when you repeat it again, you won’t get it wrong.

      In 2010 I weighed in at 245lbs and as the cancer made its way through my lymph system I dropped all the way down to 155lbs. I was dying and my wife and daughter made arrangements for Last Rites and my cremation. Kaylinn Marion Delgado (my great-granddaughter) was so young that she couldn’t crawl but each day my wife kept her while her mother was at work, she would put Kaylinn on the bed with me and Kaylinn and she inch and pull on the blanket until her head hit my side, She would then turn side ways and sleep beside me. Five days a week this would happen and I began to regain my appetite and put on weight and before long I was up to 180lbs and my tests were showing that things were beginning to get back to normal. I no longer looked like death warmed over (as my youngest granddaughter once told me)

      I started sitting up and before long I walking short distances around the house. My great-grandson Danen William Lloyd wanted to hold my hand as I walked and I told him, after a few days. that his holding my hand was helping me get better, and before long I was in remission.

      Don’t talk about my great-grandchildren unless you have something good to say. The boy looks like his dad and the girl, like her mother and both are just at beautiful as can be and little earth angels for helping me get to where I am today.

      Now, why don’t you direct your attention to answering some of my very pertinent questions. I don’t believe that you can for you are all hot air and no substance. So long for mpw. JohnOldBoyMan.

  14. Oldman Says:

    There may be hope for you yet,I read this over for 4or5times and could not find a really bad word against anybody.You must be slipping or something,it’s just not like you.Better watch it or people will be talking and wondering what’s wrong with you.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Hey, there, MAYBE NOT ASKS. Just wondering Oldman, how many names have you used on this blog. I know this one is you for all you have to do is check you blog of 06/03/2014 at 11:03. No I am not “slipping or something.” A while back I promised to use civil language and you were supposed to quit attacking my character. One of us kept (and is still keeping his promise). That one about the Saturday night whore and how she smells was a good one. But, you have a lot of us wondering just how you came to know how a Saturday night whore smells. Personal experience? Only the nose knows! Answer some of my questions and show me that you are interested in the truth. I don’t want to hear an untruth. OK?
      See you later MaybenotAsksOldJohnManBoy.

  15. John Boy,the only one Says:

    Tell me damn thing,what makes you think I’m the oldman. one of these days your mouth is going to overload your stinking ass. I thought I told you to leave the crazy oldman along,all you are doing is making his shit worse. By the way I don’t how your wife kisses you,as shit comes out of your mouth as well as your dirty ass.
    Let me warn you this is my last time to call you down.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I do not react to what you might say, so telling me to do something accomplishes nothing. You are all mouth and no substance. You say this is the “last time to call me down.” What do you plan on doing, john boy? Why don[t you just piss (oh golly gee I used a naughty word) off and leave the big boy conversations to the intelligent people on this blog (of which you are not one). Put your name on your blogs, old nameless fart (oh, oh! another naughty word). Show us that you have some gonads (not a naughty word) and show us that there isn’t a slit (not a naughty word) where your dick (naughty word) is supposed to be. Don’t threaten me, turd face (another naughty word). What are you gonna do? Tell me. I am waiting to hear what you plan on doing. Gosh oh gee, it must be really bad.

    • John Boy, the only one Says:

      John Boy, the only one. You are wrong there. I am John Boy the only one and I can prove it. Answer this question: “Whose your daddy?” Mine was John Boy, the big idiot. Any relation to you? You sound like it. Bye, cousin.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        How did you get my icon?

        • Oldman Says:

          Fowler,somebody calling you down? You are the one using the most bad words.I think things would be better without them.That must be your cousin,sounds like he might know you,Fowler who is John Boy,I think you know.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Oldman/JohnBoy why don’t you leave this blog until a medical doctor determines that you possess a brain cell.

          • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

            Go back and count the comments that I have made without using profanity and you will find only one on this page where I responded to vile comment from idiot using the alias of John boy. People have even complimented me for my civil tongue. What is the difference between ASS and ARSE you bloody nitwit?

  16. Oldman Says:

    dmf go back to 12:29 and see what I said about you.tThe post at 2:56 is the first post of yours in a while that you have used bad words,why did you do that?There’s no excuse for that kind of talk,none.Somebody got you riled up,but still there’s no excuse,young kids or young women could have read that,and what would they think of a 73 yr old retired school teacher,a retired vet,and a well known MAN that would talk like that,think about it.
    Now don’t blame for I’m not John Boy. Have a good nite

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I am not well known. Did you chastise John Boy for his profane tired to which I responded?

  17. Oldman Says:

    JohnBoy please slack up on the curse words,I think dmf has had enough for tonight,thank you
    Dmf it doesn’t take curse words to be a man.You have done a good job tonight by not using them,I think we can use this post without getting mad and cursing ,let’s man up and make this forum a good one.With that said ,good night,rest soundly and we can argue tomorrow Oldman

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      You say that he did a good job of not using profanity tonight. Check his note of 2:21 this date.

  18. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Oldman, here’s the deal: quit calling me a liar (unless you can give the proof right then and there) and I will continue to use civil language and won’t call you stump jumper any more. I counted my blogs and there were 50 on this page and in only four did I use what you call inappropriate language. That’s 92% of the time I have kept a civil tongue. Is this a deal?

  19. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Good morning, intelligent people (and others). Will limit myself to just a couple or so questions that I can’t get answers for when I ask the lesser minds.

    1. Has anyone heard anything about the DA and his possible involvement in the missing court docket?

    2. Has the town decided to sell back to Simmons the land he sold the town? I think the town should keep it and in some way develop it. Whatever money that Simmons got needs to be traced. It belongs to the Greater whatever that group was called. If it goes in his pocket, an investigation should be initiated immediately.

    3. Have any new charges been filed against Cottonham? I just wondering because the TOWN (not city) council went behind closed doors at the last meeting to discuss personnel matters.

    4. What was the topic of Blanche Shows article this week? I know it’s only Tuesday and we will have to wait until Thursday to get an answer but what do you want to bet that it’s about the IRS and how President Obama has ordered a cover-up.

    I know that I could subscribe to the paper but the June 12, 2014 edition (the last one I bought while in Jonesboro) had almost as many full pages of ads as it did pages of so-called news. I am not about to pay over $50 for that and to top it off, there were two articles by Raymond Jefferies that were just copies of stories that appeared in past Independents. So you fine people are my only conduit to the Independent.

    I was told that my move from Jonesboro was a mistake that I should have remained in town and help solve the problems. Well, if I lived in Jonesboro now there are two things that I would do: I would get the money from the town to do maintenance on the town water tower. You can see that rusty piece of junk as you enter town from the south and it is an eyesore. After the maintenance has been completed, paint it light blue and put the town logo (if there is one) on the southern and northern side. Secondly, I would get the town aldermen to pass a nuisance ordinance concerning abandoned homes. The owners of the abandoned home would be identified and by written means (a registered letter would be best) that they have 30 days to clean up the property and make it presentable or face a fine of $100 per day that the clean up is delayed. If the owner can not be identified by a search of records – demolish the residence

    Now, that is how I would have helped Jonesboro had I stayed in 1989 but the aldermen then didn’t completely respond to my efforts although they did burn a few abandoned homes as practice for the fire department. May be that could be done again.

    Hopefully the mayor pro tem and all of the aldermen will be voted out of office at the next election and a cadre of concerned citizens will take their places and start fixing he problems of Jonesboro., Go Mike Holder Go.

    That’s just my opinion. Let’s hear yours Jonesboro. After all it is your town.

  20. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    Two building on 167 that need to go are Jerry’s One Stop and the gas station on the corner. What a sight for people to see as they enter the town from the north. I don’t know exactly how long they have been vacate but one of two things need to happen: rent them out to businesses that will keep them up or demolish them. That’s my opinion. Let’s here yours.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Two building needs to be” two buildings.” Vacate needs to be “vacant.” That`s my opinion and I`m sticking to it.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        you seem to be a super “sloth.” Go to the cookie jar and get yourself a cookie.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        The fact is, despite my errors, they would improve the pathway into Jonesboro proper if they were well-kept properties or demolished and something erected in their place.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      In agreement with you, Donald, on your blog at 8:45 a.m. and 11:28 a.m. on the 24th. I cannot understand why the people at City Hall turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all the eye sores around Jonesboro. Getting rid of all the vacant houses and businesses would truly enhance Jonesboro.

      As far as your question(s) about unanswered items, I do not think they will ever see the light of day. No interest by the powers that be.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Sunrisesunset, we don’t see enough of your intelligent comments on this, or any other blog. Why not? I am in one of those periods where I comment and my response goes wherever it pleases and not to the person for whom it was intended. So don’t be surprised to find this elsewhere.

  21. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    An entire day without Oldman and John Boy. Maybe I ran then off and they are on some other blog clogging up the discussions with their inane chatter. If so, good riddance. Oldman and John boy come out, come outt wherever you are

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      What are you going to do, big mouth? You don’t scare me. I’ve asked before just what do you plan on doing and haven’t heard a peep from you. All mouth and no do. Don’t ever threaten me unless you are going to try and do something. You need to go outside and play with the ten-year-olds. Adios, mouth. You have just become a non-person in my book and I will, from the moment forward, not respond to your less than intelligent notes.

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        John Boy. I see that your rants about doing something to me have disappeared. Fear not; I made copies of them and they are in the file with the two twerps that made accusations about me and my granddaughter. You must have realized that a threat from you to me by this media was a federal offense because it goes across state lines. The state police of Louisiana won’t handle it nor will the Texas Rangers; it’s a federal offense and will involve the FBI. Bye, Bye, John Boy. Your playmates are outside waiting for you.

  22. Oldman Says:

    I’m still here.You must have joined the choir or something,boy you sure changed from one day to the next. One day cursing and the next,well I didn’t know what to say so I just kept quite and listened. Way to go Donald I’m proud of you,now if I just can get you to change from the Democrat party.
    By the way do you agree with obuma on this immigration mess at our borders?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Check out the nasty mouth of your buddy at 10:58 this date. Why don’t you jump all over him. Fat chance of you ever getting me to join the Do Nothing Republican party. You will have to be more specific on Obama’s immigration mess. Are you talking about the children that are coming across the border or the fact that the Republicans said they would take up immigration reform and have decided not to? I haven’t joined a choir or been influenced by your call for me to stop the nasty talk. I made a promise to some friends on here to tone it down and I keep my promises, unlike some people I could name. You asked a question which I answered. Does that mean there is a chance that you will answer some of mine about Jonesboro? I really doubt it for you a one of the least informed people I have ever run into. Check out my 8:45 of the 24th and answer those questions, if you can. I am elated that you are still on this blog but I have to say that had you gone off to another blog I wouldn’t have been disappointed nor would I have gone looking for you. Gotta go. Appointment at SAMMC and it’s raining cats and dogs. Hope that it is not raining in Jonesboro for I want to cut some timber this year. With just $14.27 in the bank I need to get that total up to $14.28 or else we will starve like those you claim will starve if their entitlements are cut off.

      • Oldman Says:

        It’s rained the last two days and it’s looking as if we might get a little today
        I talking about all those young kids being dropped at the border. The parents are doing this so they will be to come and stay. Looks as if obuma has opened the border to anyone who wants to come without background checks , just come one come all. Donald this is what I have been
        talking about. The States could handle this better than any nut in Washington dontyouthink?
        The border should be shut and if anything a quota should set at maybe 1,000 or2,000 people with a hignt education and not some gang bangers or drug dealers. No education stay in Mexico. We already have way too many nuts on welfare as it is. If the kids that are already here do not get a 12 th grade level education then send them back to Mexico.
        This country will not be long here with open borders allowing any and everybody to come and do as they please.
        Maybe we do need the Tea Party after all,they have the best ideas and have the good of the country in mind.
        I know I’m going to get a lot of bitching and moaning but the Democrats and Republicans really do not think the best for our country or they would do better. Most of what they think of is power or control of the people.
        Citizens of the U.S.A. We have got to do a whole lot better or this country is gone,we will then be subjects .Look at what is going on in other countries in the world,then tell me not.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Oldman, He agrees with Obama on everything. The funny thing is , He blames conservatives and “Tea Baggers” for trying to take away Entitlements from people, but agrees with Obama flooding the Country with illegals that will eventually turn our once great Country into a third world hellhole, just like they are trying to get out of now! Donald, have you ever even thought about the future of those Grandkids that you “Love” so much? 17 Trillion and growing ! I hope you can lay your head down at night, and sleep well knowing that you’ve helped secure their future by voting for Democrats and establishment Republicans that are hellbent on turning us into a impoverished cesspool . Oh yeah Donald, what do you think about your favorite newsman Lawrence Odonnell giving those awful Koch brothers a plug? I bet that really pissed Harry Reed off ! That’s the only thing I have ever agreed with Lawrence on ! Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about , here it is…………..

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      I am sorry that I missed the complete Odonnell compliment to one of the Koch brother for his philanthropy in donating the money to build the hospital in which Odonnell spent a few weeks. Philanthropy is one thing, buying politicians and elections is another thing altogether. That I oppose. And so should you, after all the people we elected to congress should be working for us, not the highest bidder. Any person, who can read, can read article after article about what the Republicans and Tea Baggers want to do with the income tax, the social security, medicare, and medicade. Just on medicade alone the federal government offered the states a program that they could buy into (free for the first ten years and afterwards the states would only have to pay 25% and the federal government would pick up the remaining 75%.) Booby Jindal of Louisiana, a republican of the first order, chose not to buy into it and about 400,000 people in Louisiana are without any insurance except the emergency room. What are the words written on the base of the Statute of Liberty? (I’ve run my hands across them several time while at Fort Dix awaiting transport to Germany). The problem with the children coming across the border, they are just from Mexico. They are from several different countries and it is illegal for us just to turn them back over to Mexico. We are working with several governments to solve this problem. I sleep well at night and my only worry is that my cancer may return; The United States of America will never become a third-world country, why don’t you relax and enjoy the freedoms that we, in this country have, instead of bashing one party or the other for causing problems that are just in your mind. Do you think that things would be better for the country if the republicans had not met on Obama’s first day in office and vowed to block him at every turn? I am an American through and through and fought for this country three times. Don’t knock it, Bud.

  24. John Boy Says:

    Fowler,just remember ALL I’ve said and remember it well for I told you so.

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Naughty word coming – PISS OFF LITTLE BOY.

      • John Boy Says:

        What do you mean by( piss off little boy)? You are the little baby boy your self. Do you still wear your diapers so you won’t get pissed on? I thought so because of the way you are always crying about the way other people treat you. You sound just like a mommys little boy. Quit treating other people the way you do,calling them names or you are going to be in worst times than you are now. That is not a treat just like all the others were not treats,I have never treated you and I will not start now.I just think you are one of the sorriest idiots god put on this earth.Sorry to have to talk like this but I have to warn the other people about you.

        • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

          Four little words and you have difficulty understanding them. Shows you level of education. I say them again – PISS OFF LITTLE BOY. I am waiting to see how you are going to make my life “worse.” I would like to point out that “treats” are ice cream and cookies and cake and such like that. “Threats” are something entirely different. Calling me the sorriest idiots god put on the earth is quite a statement for a little boy who has never met me and who hides his true identity behind a false name. Let me explain what “I have to warn the other people about you” is – it borders on libel for which I could seek personal damages. Think about that Little Boy or man up and use your real name. Like your friend Oldman, I challenge you to find one comment that I have made on this blog where I was “crying about the way other people treat me.” You see, Little Boy, I don’t care what people say about me and all of my blogs have been honest opinions. I pity you for your lack of education and lack of understanding of what is being talked about on this blog. In my opinion, you are just stump dumb.

  25. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    It’s Jonesboro Town Council Meeting. Jonesboro falls short in population to qualify as a city.

  26. Oldman Says:

    Mr. Fowler it seems the more you get mad,rant and rave and talk that curse the more people try to make you lose your cool.So why don’t you play it slow and easy.I’ll bet things would change for the better.It’s alright to argue and raise your voice but again don’t let it make you mad,ok? After I got to know you I think you are a pretty good guy,not real good,just pretty good.
    Good nite ,don’t let it bother you,ok?

  27. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    What is the simplest term limit for elected officials?

  28. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    The Jackson (Jeffries) Independent hit the street last night. Is there any new worth reporting on and the question of he day – What words of wisdom did Blanche Shows impart to her horde of followers? I bet it was good tea bagging rhetoric.

  29. Oldman Says:

    Mr. Fowler did you make anything out of the Jackson parish paper,just a bid old sale paper.
    Front page,a murder suicide in Eros,Andy Brown inducted into Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame and heroes parade in Chatham.Town council another executive session,they do state what for.Action on budget must be submitted within a week ,and that’s about all for the town. Jonesboro had four arrest reports and Jackson Parish had seven on their arrest report.
    The rest was nothing but a big old sale paper.
    I will leave Blanche Shows and Doc Jeffress up to you to do as you please. Also since she is a obuma loving democrat, I’ll also leave one of your own,Maureen Cottonham,don’t you think her ideas are part of what’s wrong.Don’t get me wrong she is a mighty fine woman,it is just her ideas.My wife worked with her and also said she was very nice.

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