St Tammany DA Update – 6/12/14

St. Tammany DA Reed got break on property taxes

Assessor dropped appraised home value by $128K in 2006


St. Tammany Parish District Attorney Walter Reed didn’t balk at paying $337,000 for a new home in the Abita Lake subdivision nine years ago, but when it was time to pay property taxes on the house at 219 Thornwood Drive, he seemed to think he was getting a raw deal.

He complained to Patricia Schwarz Core, who was then the parish assessor, and she dropped the appraised value from $320,100 to $191,000 — $78,000 less than the loan he took out to buy the handsome red brick home in 2005.

For Reed, the highest-paid district attorney in the state, the revision meant a refund of nearly $2,000 on his 2006 property tax bill.


One Response to “St Tammany DA Update – 6/12/14”

  1. eyesonyou Says:

    You don’t have to look very hard to find this kind of deals in Lincoln Parish. For starters take a look at.assessment # 4217 in the online assessor site. This property is known as Fairfield Inn/Kilpatrick Number One LLC. According to Public Records of 2008 this property was assessed at a total value of $4,479,447. Tax paid was $58,105 @ 87.92 millage rate In 2009 total assessed value was $3,585,014. Tax paid was $50,757 @ 89.08 millage rate. This represents a hefty saving to Mr. Kilpatrick for appox. $7,348 and more because of the higher millage in 2009. This happened under the Pam Jones Adm. and continues to this day under Sheila Bordelon Adm. In 2014 this property’s total assessed value is $3,560,014. That is $918,973 less than the original assessed total value 2008. The above St. Tammany story pales in comparison to what went on in the Lincoln Parish Assessors office during the Pam Jones Adm and is being continued in the Sheila Bordelon Adm. Check it out. It is public information. Go to Lincoln Parish Assessors web site and do a little research, it will open your eyes.

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