Mayo Mouthpiece Loses “Official Journal” Vote

Monroe City Council votes to keep the Free Press

By Lacey Sharp

(KNOE 8 News) – The Monroe Free Press will remain the city’s official journal. In a split vote, the Monroe City Council voted to keep the weekly journal even with vocal opposition by Monroe’s administration.

One council member spoke in favor of keeping the Free Press as the official journal and one spoke out against it. The rest stayed silent. And during the vote, Councilman Ray Armstrong even abstained.

Even so, the Monroe Free Press will remain the official journal of the city of Monroe.

“I think they’ve done an outstanding job. There’s been a little glitches in it at first, but from there forward, they’ve done an outstanding job,” Councilman Kenneth Wilson said.

Councilwoman Gretchen Ezernak moved to have The News Star take the Free Press’ place on the resolution. She said The News Star reaches more people. No one would second that request and the motion failed.


8 Responses to “Mayo Mouthpiece Loses “Official Journal” Vote”

  1. Kamicia Smith Says:

    Bad biased reporting reaps the reward of not being the official journal. This should be a wake-up call for the News Star. The News Star is in part the blame on the deepening troubles of the City of Monroe. Can an old dog be taught new tricks?

    • Skipper Says:

      absolutely right, but this is a non issue. There are so many problems in the Mayo administration that this is just a cloud of smoke.

  2. Mason Jawer Says:

    Poor James….

  3. pp Says:

    Exactly, like the transit system is totally going down and Mayo keeps the Management Company that the council shot down, now it seems as though the company is trying to shut down transit with all those non-compliance buses on our road that may cause more accidents…and Mayo say he is keeping the company because they are so outstanding…well why are the buses breaking down and the air does not work….I guess they are outstanding in closing down a great transit system….

  4. Big Bob Says:

    When you are governed by a dictator, it is my way or the highway. The dictator could not do what he does if he did not have the support of the DA, Judges, and the Progressive Boys’ Club (Glen Post and others). The dictator makes up the rules as he wants and no one challenges him or enforces the law. Leave Monroe while you can get something of value for your home.

    • Oldman Says:

      Yes how true,but the fault falls back on the voter.If the voter would only vote the way he feels is right and quit listening to the other side tell you how great they are you would see a difference.Quit fooling with all the sorry ones,one term if it don’t work out get rid of the sorry jokers.It all boils down to the voters getting fooled all the time.Shame on you voters,it seems like you like things the way they are,quit crying and get voting. Have a good day

  5. weight loss pills Says:

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    Mayo Mouthpiece Loses “Official Journal” Vote | Lincoln Parish News Online

  6. Anonymous Says:

    We will lend you the Jonesboro town council for a consulting fee.

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