Booth: Double-Dipping @ Root of Ouachita Metro Narc Controversy

Legendary Louisiana newsman Ken Booth last week has this item posted on his Facebook page:

It seems Monroe Police Corporal Reggie Brown may be at the heart of the decision by Police Chief Quentin Holmes to pull his department out of any further participation in the 31-year-old Metro Narcotics Agency in Ouachita Parish. That’s the Agency in which Monroe PD, The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s office have pooled their resources to provide a joint task force to combat drugs and drug trafficking.

Highly credible sources said the reason Holmes pulled out of metro is because metro is investigating cpl Reggie Brown who has been assigned to Metro Narcotics. He has been accused of double dipping. Sources said Brown was working off duty (reportedly providing security for Civic Center events) while he was on the official books at Metro Narcotics.

Allegedly, at issue is up to 200 double-dipped hours. Brown also has served as Mayor Jamie Mayo’s driver. Brown was pulled out of Metro once before but before his replacement could be assigned to the special unit, the Chief was allegedly instructed to put Brown back at Metro. Now, after Metro has refused to end it’s reported investigation into the reputed double-dipping by the Corporal, the city yanked its participation in Metro.


24 Responses to “Booth: Double-Dipping @ Root of Ouachita Metro Narc Controversy”

  1. skipper Says:

    I do not see this on his facebook page, Jamie made him remove it I guess

  2. Reba Says:

    Veteran Mac Anderson sets Ken straight on his face book page:

    Mac Anderson Ken, seems like I remember you making a campaign ad supporting mayo in the last mayors race. Really had me shaking my head. I figured that you had been gone from the area so long that you only remembered some of the positive things he had done earlier in his political career. Those days are long gone, and so are growth, cooperation, honesty, and a legitimate press to shed the light on what is wrong. By the way, the city of Monroe still has some of the finest police officers anywhere. Sadly there aren’t enough of them to do the job, and they are lacking leadership at the upper levels.

    • Mac Anderson Says:

      I was not calling anyone out. Simply making an observation. I personally respect Ken Booth, though I don’t always agree with him.

  3. Sally Says:

    I also remember Legendary Louisiana newsman loving Mayo in the last election. What sobered him up? He needs to explain this…

  4. knowthewholestory Says:

    I believe Holmes and Mayo is using this young man as a fall guy, now why would they promote someone they feel is under scrutiny, now on this officer that drove for Mayo, that young man was very handsome and the then engineer, Sinyale had her eyes on him so Mayo moved him. So I do not believe anything that come out their mouth. Ken Booth is in need of money and he got paid to scare up this BS to get the mirror out of HOLMES & MAY face.

    • Joanne Says:

      Ken did not dream this up. He (handsome Mayo driver) is being investigated. This has been out there for a while. Ken is just behind instead of ahead of the curve.

  5. pp Says:

    Why did the city yank the whole squad or participation from Metro Narcotic for one officer…why couldn’t they just yank the officer…this does not compute …it is more to this party than what Ken Booth and the other two stooges. Now what I want to know did they ever settle Chief Holmes taking the cruiser to his step father funeral in Texas, that the tax payers had to pay.

    • Big Pal Says:

      Good question…the Chief returned back part of the gas expenses but not for the beer purchased on the city credit card. Remember KNOE started this story but never finished…

  6. Mr. E Says:

    I had dealings with Ken Booth in the past on some info I provided him and found him to be thin-skinned and protective of the powers that be which were the key to his access. I wouldn’t trust Booth as far as I could throw him!

    • Regina Says:

      Ken is a drunk so it depends on what he is drinking as to what he reports. The story is accurate but old news but for the speculation as to why pull out of Metro when drug crime is the cause of most crime here. If you voted for Mayo you deserve all the crime you get. Look for Garner Denver to move to West Monroe. They have decided not to take the money to remodel. Crime is one reason they are moving. Ken will tell the other reasons when he sobers up.

      • Mr. E Says:

        Full disclosure: I don’t live in Monroe and have never voted for nor supported Mayo. It would be nice if people didn’t automatically assume you do or do not support someone or some issue when you comment on some related issue. My comment had to do with my past dealings with Ken Booth and nothing to do with Jamie Mayo.

        Crime is a growing problem in Monroe, and one of the primary factors behind State Farm’s decision to close its regional headquarters. The track record of black mayors in Louisiana is a poor one whose path often leads to prison. Stealing and malfeasance aren’t racial issues, but moral issues. The sooner we all recognize and accept this basic fact, the sooner we can retake control of our government from these crooks and begin repairing the damage their criminal actions have wrought upon the system.

        • Regina Says:

          Regrets did not mean that you specifically are a Mayo Supporter…more of a rhetorical declaration. I would be bothered also.

        • Regina Says:

          Your second paragraph is an excellent statement of the problems that Monroe is facing.

  7. Lynn Says:

    Let’s all go to Ken’s facebook page and ask him…

  8. Rodney Says:

    Hitler was a Corporal this handsome Reggie may have a future.

  9. Abby Short Says:

    The problem is with a corrupt system. The rich in Monroe get what they want from this corrupt system. They do not care about their community. I want mine first the community be dammed. They are not embarrassed to live in a last place community on the verge of destruction. Ask the rich why they enjoy living in a pig sty.

  10. Oldman Says:

    Look at Jonesboro and what’s happened there,same thing.Do your homework before you vote and then vote,but make sure you vote for the right candidate.

  11. A NON O Mouse Says:

    Mr. Ken Booth is on the “Do Mo” list, that is the new downtown Monroe Public Relations Group, Downtown Moron Alliance, & his
    BFF is Myra Gatling Akers, who I am sure nominated him…this said, I am sure that Ken will be looking for a way to retract all that he has said that is negative about Mayo. Perhaps the group feels
    that they have arrived and now they will kick Mayo to the curb…I
    can only dream, can’t I?

    • Ben Says:

      Yes he and chubby Myra are drinking BFFs and some say more. Who else would hire Myra to work but Mayo. So we have Myra, the Chief, planning and zoning, engineering, any other completely incompetents hired by Mayo?

  12. Evert Clarkston Says:

    As long as Glen Post and the Progressive boys club wants Mayo in office he will stay Mayor. The Progressive boys club will provide the money and the city department heads will drive the voters to the poles. All hail Mayo for ever!!!!! at the never ending buffet.

  13. PleaseHelpMe Says:

    Well I’m calling KEN BOOTH…

  14. paris metro map Says:

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