Lincoln Fire District Begins Hiring Process for New Chief

The Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 voted last night to begin the process to hire a new chief for the department. Dennis Ford, who has been on sick leave for the past year, has applied for retirement. Since last October, retired Ruston Fire Department Chief Donny Watson has been the acting chief.

The process will begin with the department’s civil service board (Charlie Edwards, Dustin St. Andre, Dwight Anderson) requesting a information packet for testing from the state civil service board. Then, the district’s Board of Commissioners, along with the the civil service board, will specify qualifications for the job. After testing, interviews will be conducted.

The process is expected to last about six months. During the interim, Watson agreed to remain as temporary chief.

In reports, board member and Finance Committee Chair Bart Dugdale said the district’s finances were in line with budget projections.

Watson reported that the district’s maintenance program was progressing, and that one of the volunteers was doing thorough inspections on the trucks, and keeping him informed of needed repairs.


4 Responses to “Lincoln Fire District Begins Hiring Process for New Chief”

  1. Donald Marion Fowler Says:

    I be want that job. Good money and no work.

  2. ProFire Says:

    More work than you can imagine

    • Donald Mark Fowler Says:

      You wouldn’t know work, if it jumped up and bit you in the arse ! The only work you do is pumping Iron in the Tax Payer funded weight room. Yeah, let’s put a new tax on the hard working people of Lincoln Parish, so we can add on to the weight room, and maybe build a few more throughout the parish !

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