LA Alcohol Control Office Nixes Washington Street Jazz Club Liquor Permit

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) has recommended denial of a Class A liquor permit for the Washington Street Jazz Club, Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has learned. The establishment, located at 800 Washington Street, Monroe, is across the street from the Excellence Academy, which is a charter school.

An official of the ATC told LPNO that they had dispatched an agent yesterday to the location to take measurements, and that the club is indeed LESS than 300 feet from the school. Monroe’s code of ordinances dictates that establishments that serve alcohol must be situated 300 feet or more from a ā€œ…public playground or of a building used exclusively as a church or synagogue, public library, or school…ā€

Both local and state permits are required for a business to sell or serve alcohol or tobacco.

The club has been the subject of controversy since last August, when Mayor Jamie Mayo was spotted at the bar during a fundraising event for a Shreveport mayoral candidate.

Monroe Mayor Mayo Spotted at Illegal Bar

Last month, the Monroe City Council approved a license for the bar, despite nothing in writing certifying that the bar met distance requirements. The approval was on the verbal say-so of Planning and Urban Development Director Chris Fischer. Earlier measurements from the Tax & Revenue Department certified that the bar’s location was within the prohibited distance.

Washington Street Bar Licensed Without Paperwork

9 Responses to “LA Alcohol Control Office Nixes Washington Street Jazz Club Liquor Permit”

  1. Skipper Says:

    “verbal say-so of Planning and Urban Development Director Chris Fischer”, remember he is from the scam capitol of the world. Remember also his fellow city executive also hand picked by Mayo robbed the city blind in the revenue department. That whole department is a joke. Remember the zoning changes that fooled everyone…

  2. Sammy Johnson Says:

    Chris Fisher is a good soldier. He does everything Jamie and Glen Post tells him to do. He will fall on his sword for his masters. I hear the golfing is good at club fed.

    • Kim Says:

      I hear that Chris was crying, crying, at work today. Lying to help friends get a liquor permit can put you in jail. This is the 2nd Nigerian hired by Mayo…

    • Willie Says:

      I heard that his plump assistant Pooray, with the black died hair helped him measure how far the bar was from the church. She hopes to get his job. She is the genius that messed up rezoning the city. Did Glen Post tell Mayo to hire these fools.

  3. windel Says:

    Are all department heads as incompetent as their master Mayo and Glen Post.

  4. Abby Short Says:

    Is the state police going to investigate the illegal measurement by the Planning Department?

    • Shane Says:

      They are going to measure Chris fisher’s shoe and trace his steps from the bar to the school. If you may remember Mayo was at the bar. Mayo contacted the Citizen and threatened them so they left Mayo out of the article. Spineless Citizen!!

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