Tuesday’s LPPJ Meeting

As the Jonesboro City Council meeting was abbreviated, we were able to also catch Tuesday night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ).

The full jury meeting was routine, but there was a notable award for one of the employees: Treasurer Bobby Gray was certified by the Louisiana Government Finance Officers Association (LGFOA) as a “Certified Government Finance Officer.” The designation is awarded to candidates based on experience, academic credentials, leadership involvement, and professional development.

We have in the past noted Mr. Gray’s expertise in accounting. In the five years that we’ve covered the LPPJ, his audits have consistently had no significant findings.

We also caught the end of the Solid Wast & Recycling Committee meeting, and a discussion on dumpster relocation.

Chair Walter Pullen suggested that whenever dumpsters are relocated, a formal application be made, and a public hearing be held for other residents in the area to give input.

Said Pullen, “We would take that (application) and vote whether to grant a hearing. At such time we would send out a notification to all residents within a one mile, or two mile radius of the dumpster saying ‘A resident has requested that this dumpster site be closed and relocated. This will affect you.’ And we’d give every resident an opportunity to have a card, to make public comment, and invite them specifically to the hearing.”

Other committee members were cool to the idea.

Theresa Wyatt said that the jurors should make that decision, as that’s what they were elected to do.

Said Wyatt, “I think when we were elected, we were elected to make decisions for people. Maybe we ought to do this in-house, since this is what we were elected to do.”

Other jurors feared that hearings might precipitate an unnecessary controversy, and potential blow-back.

On a motion by David Hammond, the issue was tabled until next month’s meeting.


One Response to “Tuesday’s LPPJ Meeting”

  1. Dr. Drew Says:

    That Pullen fellow; who is he anyway? He has a grudge against the trash department or something, seems like.

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