Clay Carroll Out of DA Race

Jonesboro attorney Clay Carroll won’t be running for District Attorney from the Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District.

He told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) this morning that family obligations interceded, as he’s been dealing with protracted illness with one of his sons. Fundraising and travel would take up more time than he was willing to sacrifice, he said.

Said Carroll, “Family’s more important.”

Carroll had done preliminary campaigning for the office, attending public events, and sponsoring a float in the Jackson Parish Christmas Parade last year.

Two other candidates have announced, incumbent DA Jonathan Stewart, who is from Arcadia, and Homer attorney Danny Newell.

Also said to be interested is Chris Bowman, who ran for that office in 2008.


4 Responses to “Clay Carroll Out of DA Race”

  1. sunrisesunset Says:

    Maybe next time, Clay Carroll!

  2. Uncle Sly Says:

    Jonathon Stewart is the person that can answer why the simmons docket never showed up in court.

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      Maybe so, but his lips are forever sealed, I do believe. Wake up people. Jonathon Stewart the people do not need you for DA. You have shown what you are really made of, and we do not like it.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Clay would have made a real good DA.But family comes first,that shows you what kind of man Clay is.

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