About the “new” Lincoln Parish Court House

Sunday’s Ruston Daily Leader says that it may be several years off before any ground is broken for a new Lincoln Parish Court House.

Reportedly, however, several Lincoln Parish Police Jurors have made a pilgrimage to see Bienville Parish’s new facility in Arcadia.

Having seen that new building for ourselves, it is indeed fancy. But the taxpayers need to know that about half of that new building is wasted space. There is a huge open atrium in the center, and the offices are located on either side, on the first and second floors. One can only imagine the cost to heat and cool that open area.

9 Responses to “About the “new” Lincoln Parish Court House”

  1. Rip Says:

    I want my name on the cornerstone no matter what the cost to taxpayers.

  2. Mr. E Says:

    Somebody needs to point out to the black Jurors the fates of Leslie Thompson, Odell Key, Ray Nagin, Deedy Slaughter, and Alicia Smith for running roughshod over the voters to do as they pleased with taxpayer money!

  3. IWantItNow Says:

    Someone in Bienville parish tell us: how much are the electric and gas bills at the new courthouse?

  4. TruthBeTold Says:

    Don’t give them any more money. Don’t believe all the whining and poormouthing, either. They can make do with whatever they have now. No matter what they say, your babies won’t be born naked if they don’t get a new tax.

  5. Bienville Parish Citizen Says:

    The open atrium provides people with a comfortable waiting area on court days. It also makes it easy for first-time visitors to locate everything at a glance. As soon as visitors enter the front door they can see the names of each office in large letters above each door. It was designed with these factors in mind, in addition to many others. The large tinted windows in the new courthouse provide natural light. As they are tinted, the reflect a lot of heat in the summer. The current Lincoln Parish Courthouse was built for a smaller population. In 1950, Lincoln Parish had a population of 25,782. Sixty four years later, the population is nearing 49,000. With nearly double the population it was designed for, the Lincoln Parish Courthouse handles more criminal and civil cases as well as property transactions, which means more and more storage required for files, etc. Another problem is that both the Bienville and Lincoln Parish courthouses were built in the early 1950s, and were designed before the technology age. They were built when manual typewriters, which were not electric, was the height of technology. Internet server cables are duct taped to the floor in many cases, which makes the working environment unsafe.

    • Dee Says:

      Well, la la la ! The house I live in was built before internet, GPS, and cell phones . I have extension cords running along the floor, and I have never considered it unsafe as I know where they are and avoid tripping on them. . I don’t need to finance a public building that provides a “waiting” area more comfortable than the home I LIVE in. My windows are not tinted, my electric bill is high., and my taxes are high.
      First time visitors to a court house with the aid of cell phones , GPS,, or simply asking a public servant whom we pay to work at the courthouse where a sought for office is located solves the problem of locating the desired office, without the excessive taxation of building an atrium so visitors could “locate everything at a glance”.

      WE would like to get extension cords off our floor, and WE must pay high electric bills because we don’t have tinted windows. You don’t mention how much those tinted windows cost the taxpayers in the winter, when the sun is not allowed through to help heat the big expanse of the “comfortable waiting area”.

      How many fatalities or injuries have been caused by cables duct taped to the floor? You say those cables make it an unsafe WORKPLACE! Are you indicating the workers we pay to work there are so slow to learn where cables are or are just too slow to know to step over them? Those taped down cables are no more hazardous than steps or stairs for most. Certainly the citizenry don’t need to be taxed more to “protect” unobservant workers. ( We do help pay for health insurance, if a worker should fall) We pay for our own insurance, by the way.
      Government is growing so big it now has numerous other building already in use for storage. Why not use modern technology to store documents that can be printed out on demand, instead of needing more and more huge buildings to store them in?
      It is easy to plan and build the “mostest and bestest” when it is money from other people to pay for it.
      Big , excessive government must come to a halt or ordinary working class will be taxed into poverty.

  6. Oldman Says:

    Less goverment is the answer.Vote and Know who you vote for.

  7. Dan Burson Says:

    Uphold justice in the old courthouse first—Stop wasting tax payer money.

    Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014 09:15:42 +0000 To: dannymb52@hotmail.com

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