Mayo: It’s “Crap” That Southside Short-Changed

The Washington Street Jazz Club wasn’t the only controversial issue at Tuesday’s meeting of the Monroe City Council. Several of the city’s secret “economic development” taxing districts reported on their activities, and Mayor Jamie Mayo wasted no time trying to refute the implication that Northside Monroe projects got priority over Southside projects.

Council Chair Eddie Clark (District 5) noted that Southside Economic Development District (SEDD) had only about $40 in the bank, while the two primary Northside districts (I-20 Economic Development District, Tower Drive Economic Development District) had many millions in available cash.

Otis Chisley, President of the I-20 Board, reported on the projects completed and underway, but had no documentation to present to the council. The Tower Drive report included a report of the funds expended and available.

See here the document.

Those two districts have sales taxes dedicated to them, while the SEDD has no funding source.

Mayo was quick to claim that Southside Monroe did get its share of economic development, even if it didn’t come from the entities that are supposed to provide funding.

Said Mayo, “There are a lot of positive things that are going on (on the Southside). So all this crap about treating people equally – this is not going on, that is not going on. It doesn’t set well with me when I hear this.” Mayo cited street paving, a several million dollar Public Safety Center, and the City Hall Annex on Jackson Street as evidence that money was being spent in South Monroe.

Another notable revelation from the meeting was that the Tower District has had no oversight board since it was created. Apparently, the City Council can serve as the districts governing board, or the council can appoint a board.

7 Responses to “Mayo: It’s “Crap” That Southside Short-Changed”

  1. Abby Short Says:

    Since 1996, with the exception of a short hiatus with Melvin Rambin, the south side has ruled Monroe. Now we have a city no one wants to live in.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When did the I-20 corridor become the Northside? If that’s true,
    let’s spend some of the money repairing streets, water line cave
    ins, over flowing sewers & showing some police visibility in that
    Northside Corridor.

  3. James Says:

    Mayo is the reason people and business is leaving Monroe

  4. TruthBeTold Says:

    It’s been reported that Southside EDD has used their fund balance to pick up a six-pack of forty ouncers for their next meeting…

  5. Oldman Says:

    Mayo has gotten too big for his britches ,replace him.

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