Area Juvie Center Eyed

Several area parishes are contemplating construction and operation of a juvenile detention center for youth incarceration, Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone told this morning’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission.

Said Stone, “The parish’s around us are in desperate need of beds” for youth offenders. He added, “We’re spending $250 thousand out of our (budget) going to other places now.”

Besides Lincoln, the other interested parishes are Union, Jackson, Claiborne, and Bienville.

Youth offenders are now housed at Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center in Monroe, or at Ware Youth Center in Coushatta. Bed space at those two facilities have to be reserved and paid for, even if no youth inmates actually are incarcerated, Stone said.

Stone got permission from the commission to visit Ascension parish, where officials there are also facing a similar situation.

In other business, Lincoln Parish Detention Center Warden Jim Tuten reported that total capital spending on the Road Camp Road facility would come to about $1.4 million, with about half spent last year, and the balance in 2014.

Tuten said that all the issues with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal had been addressed and corrected.

2 Responses to “Area Juvie Center Eyed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorely needed, although it’s another expansion of government. Some juveniles who need to be in custody because of their propensity for crime are permitted back on the streets because there’s no place to house them. They can’t be locked up near adult inmates. And a dangerous juvenile offender picked up in Ruston requires a four-hour round trip to Coushatta by two officers to the detention facility. Then 1-2 days later, another 4-hour round trip to bring the juvenile back for his first court hearing.

  2. ItsAllMoney Says:

    The only hope the taxpayer has in this case is, perhaps a facility serving the region and located in Lincoln parish can defray some of the costs of Lincoln parish juvenile detention by serving the surrounding parishes.

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